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The Modern Learner WK2 #InSyncHub @blendedlrnhub

The Modern Learner: Week 2 in the InSync Blended Learning Hub

Digital Readiness Gap Could Be More Significant than Digital Divide

@hubcurator: This article references the Pew Research Center study, Digital Readiness Gaps published in September 2016, which looked specifically at who does and does not use technology for learning. Through this lens, the article explores the “digital divide,” showing that access to technology, and even comfort with some tools, such as smartphones, does not necessarily translate to readiness or willingness to use those tools for personal or professional learning. We need to keep in mind that all modern learners don't have access to all technology.

Millennial Learning Myths and Misconceptions

@hubcurator: Are millennials different from other generations? Possibly not as different as we have been led to believe. This whitepaper from Skillsoft offers that "Changes in technology have impacted the way all of us live, learn and work. Rather than focusing solely on millennials, develop a learning and development strategy focused on meeting the needs of the modern learner—and watch your programs become more effective in engaging employees to deliver business impact."

Models, Theories and Modern Learning Design

@hubcurator: Time to think differently? According to this blog post, we should start thinking differently about our "go to" models and theories. Do they desperately need updating? Are they at all relevant from a digital design perspective? Do we need to develop better insights into them to be relevant? Read on for answers to these questions and more.

10 Tips for Training Future Millennial Leaders

@hubcurator: The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016 points out that 63% of Millennials believe they are not currently receiving proper training to take on a leadership role in their organization. This article shares 10 crucial steps to implement into your company’s development strategy to ensure that your Millennial employees are ready to become your new leaders.

Supporting the Modern Learner

@hubcurator: The term "modern learner" is not synonymous with "millenial". All generations in the workforce are modern learners. This short blog post offers six insightful practices to connect with and support the modern learner.

There Are Differences In What the Generations Want From Work

@hubcurator: This article interprets the data from the Monster Multi-Generational Survey Report, published in 2016. More than 2,000 individuals were surveyed, across the Boomer, X, Y and Z generations. As stated here, "Of particular interest, I think, are the data that describe the differences in technology demands and expectations between the generations. This is a fascinating glimpse into how each generation relates with technology at work and which technology tools they view as most important."

The Four Elements of Modern Learning and Development

@hubcurator: The modern learner embodies change and possibility, and gives us the opportunity to shake up the way we’ve been doing the same old thing, and breathe new breath into the way we serve our learners in their moments of learning need. This poster for ATD Learn Now provides insight into four challenges for modern learning.

Adaptive or Just Good Design?

@hubcurator: As you consider adaptive approaches to meet our modern learners in their moments of learning need, remember to focus on good design. Take a moment to read this short blog post from Clark Quinn on why it matters. As Clark says, "There's quite the push to adaptive learning, which we can do now. But our efforts are likely better placed, at least at first, on better learning design."

WISE Up to Modern Learning Design

@hubcurator: If you are inclined to watch a recorded presentation, this one is certainly applicable. In this recording, discover a new approach to learning design that meets the needs of today's learner, as Kineo's Head of Learning Design shares approaches to learning design based on some of the most recent innovations to come out of Kineo’s Learning Content team.