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Best Smoothie Ingredients

The convenience of a smoothie is unparalleled. If you balance a demanding career with a rigid fitness regime, a smoothie is the perfect way to start off the day since it also doubles as a breakfast.



There are so many great ways to incorporate protein into a smoothie. The best way is to use dairy elements such as plain low-fat yoghurt, which is also very pro-biotic. Milk is highly recommended but its best to avoid the full-cream variety and opt for either low-fat milk or soy-milk. Peanut butter, especially if unsweetened, would be a great addition to the smoothie to provide some added taste as well as more protein, while the more elusive almond butter is also a great alternative.



These are absolutely essential in a smoothie to gain a variety of vitamins and nutrients while also making your beverage taste sweeter without the inclusion of sugar. Fruits in Sri Lanka are a great addition to smoothies, and examples such as mangoes, pineapples, and melons would be easily found in any supermarket such as Keells Super. Bananas are a super food, containing vitamins b and c as well as potassium. Research has indicated that bananas even contain dopamine and serotonin which can result in a mood boost as well. Don't forget your berries as well, since raspberries in particular can contain decent amounts of protein.



Although it might sound a little weird, adding vegetables can greatly increase the potency of the smoothie in terms of nutritional content. It is always best to incorporate vegetables that are very neutral in terms of flavours in order to not make the drink unappetising. Kale is a staple in smoothie-making and contains a host of beneficial components. Carrots are also a great addition since a mere 100g of them will provide the daily requirement of vitamin-A. Cucumbers are a great way to supplement the nutritional content of the smoothie, and since they are mostly water, will hardly affect the overall taste.


For Flavour

Regardless of how healthy or nutrient-packed a smoothie is, it definitely has to taste good, and there are a variety of ways in which you could do this. To make it indulgent and sweet, you could add unsweetened cocoa powder which will make it taste like a chocolate milkshake if done right. If you'd prefer the taste of a classic shake, add a small amount of vanilla extract. For more earthy flavours you could incorporate spices such as cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg. Flax and chia seeds will also help complement earthy and aromatic tastes, and if paired with oats, it could also fill you up like a good breakfast.



Sugar or anything containing sugar will go a long way in compromising your weight-loss progress. Many ready-to-drink fruit juices contain high amounts of sugar, with a considerable range of them having more calories than soft drinks. Flavoured yoghurt should also be avoided since they would contain large amounts of sugar. Any other flavoured dairy product such as chocolate milk or ice cream should never be incorporated into your smoothie.

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