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Top Cellulite Removal for a Slimmer You

Beneath the skin is strands of a connective-tissue network, known as septae to hold all your fat in its place. Genetics might determine how tight and strong your septae are woven which can cause your fat to lump out in between it if they are weak. Thus, creating ripples on the surface of your skin which is cellulite.


Top Cellulite Removal for a Slimmer You

Top Cellulite Removal for a Slimmer You

It’s more common for women to develop cellulite as for men because women’s septae’s are usually less and it’s not so tightly arranged as with men. Another reason is that women’s skin is thinner, and their hormones might affect their septae’s fat cell size and strength. They will first have to lose their fat before they can change the skins inside the structure.

Although half of their fat equation is cellulite, you might think that exercise and a diet to lose weight can work, but it will depend on the elasticity of the skin. Aging and hormones can partially be blamed for skin that isn’t very resilient.


Professional cellulite removal treatments

This procedure will involve some rubdown of your skin by using a device with rolling suction, in order to boost your circulation, as well as stimulation for collagen to be produced. You might require about 6 sessions and if the result is subtle, it can last for some months.


RF/radiofrequency and lasers

Both these devices are using suction and massaging in order to stimulate your collagen to produce. It will alter your septae and avoid them from pulling too hard on your skin, which can cause dimples. These treatments are quite painless.

Heat energy gets added to shrink your fat cells which the liver will process. Both RF and lasers work well. You might require between 4 and 8 sessions of thirty minutes to expect a dimple reduction of about fifty percent.

These results may last for about 6 months up to 2 years and sometimes even longer. Every year after the time lapsed, you might need either 1 or maybe 2 treatments to maintain it.


Laser-assisted liposuction

If you tried everything you could to rid yourself of these lumps and you didn’t succeed, you can consider going for laser-assisted liposuction. It’s also known as Smart-lipo.

The surgery will require some local anesthesia and involves small laser fibers to be inserted underneath your skin in order to melt your fat. They then will use a cannula to suck the fat out.

It will last around 2 hours with some soreness afterward for some days. Only 1 session can actually fix it, although, it might still not be a solution permanently. These results may last around 6 years; after which you may eventually need to go for a repeat procedure.


Laser/vacuum therapy

This procedure is said to zap and suck away your flab. A suction device that has rollers will be run over your bulges. Most of the time, it will be combined together with some heat through radio frequency, lasers, or infrared light.

Your popular brands are Endermologie, Vela-Shape, and Smooth-Shapes. Your subcutaneous fat will be melted with the heat, circulation increases through suction to flush liberated and fluid fat away, and with the rollers, your fibrous tissues will be stretch out to smooth your dimples. Sessions can last between thirty and sixty minutes.


Vacuum therapy or Vacunaut

This treatment will involve a suit that is designed especially for you to wear while walking on the treadmill for about thirty minutes. This machine is fitted with pumps that are controlled by a computer, which alters the force inside you to push your blood straight into your stomach’s fatty tissues that surround it.

It means that your blood will absorb all that stomach fat to use it in powering your muscles. This constant altering of pressure can ensure that your blood, which is enriched with fat, will gradually be transported to your muscles that are working again and again.

Anyone that suffer from metabolic, circulatory, or heart conditions, may not make use of this treatment. It can take a few months for your skin tone to improve and to lose some inches. It’s also recommended to follow an eating plan that is healthy together with this treatment.



This procedure is less invasive and shows cellulite improvement, the results can last up to two years. Your doctor will inject a solution to numb the marked area and insert a small blade which is used to cut away your connective tissues holding the fat against the dimples.

This device is hand-held and known as Cellfina, for precise cuts in this treatment. It also provides a controlled vacuum-assist for the area and depth that is treated. Results will last for about two years.


Exfoliation or Z-Wave

Exfoliation - This includes some non-invasive techniques that your dermatologist can show you how to perform correctly. It includes coffee rubs, dry brushing and more. Each treatment removes dry layers of your skin, thus, improving circulation and lymphatic stimulation. The results are less noticeable bumps and lumps of the skin.

Z-Wave - This procedure is FDA approved and ideal for moderate to mild cellulite treatments.It makes use of shockwaves that targets the cellulite. Heatwaves released by this treatment surrounds the fatty deposits and breaks them up. Treatments are generally thirty minutes long and results could be seen after just a couple of treatments. Although, these might be minor at first. Even though each person reacts different to treatment, 10-sessions is recommended.