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Top 05 Hiking Trails in Mauritius – Rewarding Sojourns into Nature

Gorgeous scenery inundated with flora and fauna go into planning the varied trails of Mauritius. Choose hikes according to your fitness level to enjoy the stunning surroundings and invigorating air.


Categorisation of Trails

Before we list the available trails let us define how each hike is categorised. 'Easy' denotes trails that are not physically challenging or difficult to navigate. Medium defines trails that are either hard to navigate or physically challenging. Hard trails are challenging to navigate while also being physically enduring; ideal for the adrenaline buff.


The Bell Ombre Trail

If you want a taste of Mauritius most stunning forests that are home to a variety of wildlife, do take on the isolated Bell Ombre Trail. In between the trails the forest cover clears to offer hikers gorgeous views of the South Coast; kind of a bonus on this very rewarding hike which ends at the Bell Ombre Sugar Cane Fields called Plaine Champagne. The trail is very well maintained making navigation easy while a gradual slope towards the end means it is not too tough physically. Duration is 4 to 5 hours while the best wildlife is spotted towards the centre of the trail which is 4.7 miles in total, one way.


Cascade 500 Pieds

This is a rather short hike that ends at the lip of a waterfall that drops 500 metres down to the Southern coast of Mauritius. The trail which is 1.8 miles in duration on a round trip, is quite an easy one to manage. The only challenge is possessed during the 45-minute ascent back up to Alexandra Falls, which by the way is the cascade you will be hiking to. These Mauritius trails are so popular that some resorts offer mini excursions for kids to enjoy the stunning outdoors as well. Planet trekker's kid's' club at InterContinental Mauritius Resort Balaclava Fort will have more information.


Corps de Garde

This is a quick trail that even tourists basking in the comforts of Mauritius luxury resorts can take time off to enjoy. Corps de Garde is all about the fabulous views which you are offered from the summit and also the southern edge of the trail. The path is well worn and open to the sky meaning not much shelter from the sun; as such take along a hat and plan an early start. After all, at the end of the 2.8-mile round trip, you can look forward to relaxing within your Mauritius resorts welcoming pool.


Lion Mountain

This is one of the famous mountains in the Bambous Range. The place is most popular for its stunning views as well as the exotic native plants found in abundance. It's a loop trail with the option of two trails to choose from. Choose from the north or south tail which invariably loops together to meet at Virieux Grand Port. Mind you the trail is a bit confusing with the possibility of taking a wrong turn quite high. It is worth it though for at the highest point of 1608 feet you are rewarded with expansive views across the blue horizon.