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Top 08 Surfing Spots in Maldives - Best Breaks and Endless Waves

Maldivian Archipelago made up of over a 1000 islands is an ideal surfing destination. The surf breaks are endless with some swells reaching the height of a surfer, ideal action for amateurs and pros.


The South Male Atolls have the Longest Season

Most atolls in Maldives offer surfing from April to September; the south male atolls are the exception with an extended season from February to April which is before the south west monsoon. In addition, you can surf between Septembers to November at the end of monsoon. Some of the best Maldives villas are located around the South Atolls for you enjoy super hospitality and loads of surfing action. The best locations are listed below.


Tiger Stripes – Rockets

This is a thrilling left hander that has a complex take off to reward you with tubes on the inner side. It can be surfed regardless of tide times and breaks smooth on the channel. The west north-west winds enhance the wave with its best surfing conditions.


Antiques Point

If you are not competent to surf the lefts, that occur in Tiger Stripe's head over to Antiques for rights. Rights are always thought of as second choice and are indeed smaller waves compared to the more challenging lefts.


Beacons for Advanced Surfers

This is strictly for advanced surfers; what's more, the place is home to a shallow reef that is quite unlike those in the Maldives. The reef is indeed unforgiving and quite a challenge; do keep in mind the basics – South-west swells tend to break the reef down while the Southeast swells tend to peak and crash right onto the corals, totally brutal.


The Voodoos or Blue Bowls

This is a rather elongated right hand wave that that swells to over 4 to 6 feet. The break is protected by South-westerly winds and is open for surf action all the time. In fact, you could say all swells, all tides and all sizes are accommodated. Practise some smooth moves on this easy to ride wave located not too far from Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives.


The Castaways

This mellow right hand wave can be surfed during any tide although high tide offers swells higher than 4 feet around the shallow reef. And similar to Beacons the action is better with the aid of southeast winds. The Castaways is also easy on the eye and a typical Maldivian environment. For added measure there's an uninhabited island that adds glamour and beauty, staying true to the locations name.


Gani Point or Five Islands

This is a right hander wave that's shielded from south westerly winds. The wave is a hollow that crashes onto the shallow reef encouraging surfers to stick to mid-high tide for tackling the break.


Love Charms

This is reliable left hander break that offers various swell sizes. You can surf here irrespective of tide while the best action is when the wave is small influenced by easterly winds and low tide. It's a stunning long wave that offers inner tubes and a hollow at take-off.