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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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List of Exciting Water Sports to Try in Maldives on Your Adventure Holiday – Fun in the Surf

If you are a thrill seeker and think the Maldives may not offer adrenaline-pumping excitement, think again! Here are some action-packed water sports you can enjoy here for an adventure filled holiday.



A more traditional water sport that is fast and furious, jet-skiing offers a power-packed ride on the waves. Think of it like having a super-fast bike on a seemingly endless open road; instead of bike you have a jet-ski with amazing acceleration and while there in no road you do have a seemingly endless ocean playground, where you can just pull back the throttle and speed along the watery surface.



Of course, you don't need a machine for a speed-infused ride along the waves, since Mother Nature provides you with the necessary thrust to zip along at breathtaking speeds as well! Maldives has become quite the popular surfing hotspot be it for beginners or advanced surfers looking to ride the waves at some of the world's most picturesque coastal backdrops. Chickens, Honky's and Cokes in the Malé Atolls, Adonis, Mikado and Mahibadhoo in the Central Atolls and Beacons, Castaways and Voodoos in the South Atolls are amongst the popular surfing hotspots in Maldives.



From on the surface of the water to below; while it may not be fast-paced, diving to the mysterious underwater depths is certainly a water sport that offers an adrenaline rush. There is much to discover beneath the waves with stunningly vibrant coral life and fascinating marine life all around. This does not only include colourful fish, but other marine species too including sharks, manta rays and turtles. There are even submerged wrecks that one can explore. Certain island resorts the likes of Kuramathi Island Resort offer guided night diving at a wreck site, which adds to the sense of adventure. Even if you don't have the needed certification or diving licence, many resorts provide PADI certified training.



While this water sport may start on the water by the end of it, you or a joining partner will be soaring up in the air! Making for a great activity to try alone or even as a couple if you are on a Maldives honeymoon, parasailing begins with you in the water, securely strapped to a harness that has a parachute attached to it. Of course, your harness is also connected by a long line to a speed boat; once the speed boat reaches optimum velocity you will find the laws of physics coming into effect as your parachute propels you into the air, to enjoy a bird's eye view of paradise. And if you have a GoPro you can be assured of some stunning videos as well.


Banana Boat Rides

Even kids can enjoy the thrills of water sports in the Maldives. One of the most popular of such activities is undoubtedly banana boat rides. All one has to do is hold tight while sitting on a huge inflated banana, and scream to your heart's content as a speed boat pulls you and fellow participants along on an unforgettable ride.