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Types of Fishing That Can be Done in Maldives – Thrilling Challenges on the Water

The waters that surround the Maldives have a rich storehouse of marine species, some of which may be caught as part of an exciting fishing excursion. Here are some types of fishing you can enjoy here.


Big Game Fishing

One of the most popular types of fishing in the Maldives, big game fishing is a test of skill, persistence and patience. Of course, it does require some luck too! While you may not get a catch immediately, there is nothing like the adrenaline rush one gets when there is a sudden pull on the line, signalling the beginning of an exciting tug of war that matches your wits and strength against these swift marine creatures. Boat charters are available for both half day and full day excursions, and you have the chance to reeling in such fish as barracuda, sailfish and wahoo. While one can find independent big game fishing operators, resorts like Maafushivaru Maldives, also organise such fishing expeditions for guests.



A type of fishing method that involves drawing fishing lines along the ocean while on a boat, trolling also offers its own set of thrills. The lines have bait fish or lures and you have a chance of catching a variety of fish species on your adventures at sea. Fishing enthusiasts can land such prize catches from the deep like yellowfin tuna, rainbow runner and wahoo, while you may even get sailfish and marlins. It is possible to find Maldives all inclusive hotel excursions that offer such fishing tours that provide a convenient way in which to enjoy these kinds of excursions.


Bottom Fishing

When it comes to reef fishing, bottom fishing is the main commercial method that is employed in the Maldives. For this type of fishing method, everything from deep drop jigging to the use of live bait is employed. This kind of fishing gives one a chance to catch a different array of fish than big game fishing. Those trying this out can secure yellowfin, red snappers, dogtooth tuna or groupers as part of their day's reward.


Shore Fishing

A type of fishing that one can enjoy without going deep out to sea, shore fishing gives you a chance to reel in fish species that can be found in relatively shallower waters. When it comes to this type of fishing, fly fishing and bait fishing methods can be used, while some even employ beach casting too. Ideally, those looking to try it should utilise what is known as a braided line though some use a wire which is more common when it comes to lure fishing. Since shore fishing is done near reefs, look to avoid using expensive lures since they can get tangled and ruined. Bonefish, snappers, bream, barracuda along with various reef fish are among the varieties that one can catch.


Sunset / Night Fishing

For something unique, you can even try what is known as sunset fishing or night fishing in the Maldives. Generally, this type of fishing takes place on a dhoni (traditional Maldivian boat) and those engaged in this activity generally set off during the late afternoon and head to a reef. As the sun sets, one can cast the line and await that tug on the line while taking in the spectacular view.