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Updated by UBI Advocates on Jun 11, 2018
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UBI Advocate Tips

Below are some Twitter Tips for UBI advocates and activists: Universal/Unconditional Basic Income.
Follow these tips vigorously to help play an important role in accelerating the @UBImovement

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Here are important UBI Research Links:


Here will be links to important documents, research, or images related to UBI.

When you're ready, follow the tips below!


Tip#1: When retweeting a tweet about Universal Basic Income, try leave a reply too

So the author can retweet your comment


Tip#2: add #basicincome to your profile photo and bio & for better results use a real photo of yourself if possible ...

This way people can tell you're not a bot, more people will likely follow you.


Tip#3: Tweet frequently YOUR OWN view of UBI. Start a new account if it will allow you to focus mainly on...

Universal / Unconditional Basic Income advocacy.


Tip#4: You can go back in time & RT one of your own tweets. You can also quote your own tweet to add some new...

Context. If you had a quite successful tweet and it got a lot of retweets, it doesn't hurt to quote it again with some extra info so it can reach more of your followers. Use the hashtag again and it will reach a wider audience too, some who will retweet your original tweet again.


Tip#5: Make sure to follow many advocates tweeting the #basicincome tag, chances are they might RT some of your tweet...


Tip#6: Search for 'basicincome' up top and choose the "LATEST" tab to see newest tweets others are sharing about #UBI...


Tip#7: Search #basicincome, choose "TOP" tab. Click/tap on a top tweet & then select the ~retweet number~ Follow ...

Scroll down the list and you'll find posts with lots of retweets, that's a great place to follow UBI retweeters.


Tip#8: Tweet HOW you're participating in the #UBImovement Ex. if u're writing, @ event, researching, learning, etc..

This is an important part of any movement, showing how you are participating inspires others to take action. No matter how insignificant you think it might be, try to share how you are taking action.


Tip#9: Analogies & metaphors are very helpful with increasing other's understanding of UBI nuances, try to share some...


Tip#10: Follow the steps in this guide to play an important part in accelerating the growing 'universal basic income'...

Tip#10: Follow the steps in this guide to play an important part in accelerating the growing 'universal basic income'...

Tip#11: Make sure to follow new people who might be interested in #basicincome

Don't just tweet always to the same group - and never try to meet new people!

If twitter is like a party- that's like never going to any new parties.


Tip#12: The more folks u follow, the more would be intro'd to #ubi—if ur bio has the #basicincome hashtag (or pinned)...

Pinning a tweet is generally one of the first things people see when they view your profile. That means your pinned tweet is important when you go on a follow journey. You can also reply to your own pinned tweet, adding additional important information.


Tip#13: If someone RT's / likes / replies your post, make sure to follow them, and, if you have the time, thank them ...


Tip#14: If you hit a Twitter limit can help unfollow accts (that haven't been active for lon...

For more tips, such as when you hit a twitter limit, DM us at @UBIadvocates and we will provide some helpful tools for this challenge!


Tip#15: Twitter can bring change if used well & daily. Make a habit of following, quote+RT, & consider creati...

An advocacy-specific account, focused around things you enjoy or are passionate about. For example: @Women4UBI. or @EDMforUBI. For more info visit - if you make an account, we will be here to help your account grow.


Tip#16: Now's a gr8 time to start a #basicincome advocacy-specific project or acct, such as 'x for UBI', @UBImovement...


Tip#19: Don't treat twitter like reading ingredients on a milk carton while eating cereal—it IS a strong amplifying...

tool when used vigorously, and daily!


Tip#21: Don't be afraid to follow others, if you want to keep your home timeline, consider making a list of users

That matches your existing home timeline. Or, simply create a new twitter account specifically for UBI advocacy!


Tip#22: Instead of RT always, try post your own thoughts & your own tweets on the topic, other people are more li...

To retweet and share and spread your unique angle or ideas.


Tip#23: If you haven't done this already, go to "" to see stats as well as your top tweets

Seeing your top tweets will show you what has worked in the past and maybe help you come up with similar posts.