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AutoMail LLC provides digital mailroom automation solutions to deliver high-end mailing operations, custom document print to mail design for easy business communications. Mailroom automation software is a complete source for design, process, and delivering customer documents in data secure and cost efficient ways.


Print to Mail Outsourcing

Print to Mail Outsourcing

Automail print to mail outsourcing uses the latest technology to perform your mailing and fulfilment needs. Improve mailroom service levels and reliability and while reducing costs of overhead, equipment, mail processing and delivery using print to mail outsourcing.

Along with superior service and the ability to improve personalization and presentation of customer communications, Automail helps the business grow. This is a perfect outsourcing solution for automated internal and external business communications.

Print to mail outsourcing delivers high-quality print to mail services with reliability and efficiency.


Mailroom automation software is the most secure mailing Automail solutions for business communication. Mailroom automation software has custom document print to mail design for standard format mailing services.

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What is mailroom automation software?

An overview of the mailroom automation software. How is it working?, its significance and more


Automail - Improving Mailroom Automation

Automail - Improving Mailroom Automation

Automail has immense involvement in enhancing wide areas of mailroom automation from print to mail automation for print to mail outsourcing.

Mailroom automation software improves mailroom solutions by digitalizing mailrooms for mail, print, and delivery.

What is Mailroom Automation Software?

Mailroom automation software is the process of identifying and sorting of documents and mail contents. The system recognises the document types automatically...

Automail - Commercial Printing - Print Mail Services

Automail is over 25 years in the digital mailroom automation industry providing print and mail services. Automail mailroom automation software has built-in solutions for print to mail design and document management. Looking for printing services. We offer commercial printing service for fast print and mail delivery services.


Is Mailroom Automation Software system Cost friendly?

Is Mailroom Automation Software system Cost friendly?

Mailroom automation software is the process of identifying and sorting of documents and mail contents. The system recognizes the document types automatically and classifies accordingly.

The mailroom automation total cost is calculated based on several systems like:

  • Software Cost
  • Installation & Configuration cost
  • Classification rule configuration and training
  • Automatic Filing System Configuration cost
  • Training Sessions
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Labour Costs for manual verification



Mailroom Automation is the automation of incoming mail processes by using document scanning and document capture technologies. Companies can digitize incoming mail and automate the classification and distribution of mail within the organization. Both paper and electronic mail (email) can be managed through the same process allowing companies to standardize their internal mail distribution procedures.

One major benefit of turning all incoming paper mail into images as soon as it is received is the extent to which it shortens the decision cycle. Digital mailrooms allow users to receive immediate notification of a document's arrival at the company. Employees can access images in record time, regardless of where the documents were physically acquired.

Mailroom costs not only include staff costs involved in the distribution of letters, but also the costs associated with the resending, loss or deterioration of documents. A digital mailroom implementation has a direct effect on all those costs and becomes a key element of competitiveness for the company. Another source of paper costs is the one associated with the physical storage of documents. Encouraging employees "to do without paper" will quickly lead to a reduction in the cost of excessive printing and copying of documents. The aim is obviously not to ban paper from the work environment but rather to set up a new coherent and secure organization that makes the use of paper superfluous.

Ensuring incoming mail tracking has become a necessity for the majority of companies, with compliance regulation being a major factor. The earlier a document is transformed into an image file, the more reliably it can be tracked throughout its lifecycle. Furthermore, a scanned document becomes accessible by all authorized users (as a PDF, TIFF or JPEG file). The file created includes more than simply images; it references one or more documents in the archive database and records all the actions carried out by the people responsible for the file. The security of the process guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the document, which aligns with the records management policy of the company.

The electronic management of incoming mail improves the handling of documents within service-oriented companies and agencies. It enhances the quality of the service offered to customers by allowing staff to instantly access customer files and answer questions immediately. The improvement of customer service is considered to be of fundamental importance by the majority of companies.

According to a survey conducted by AIIM in 2009, centralized in-house scanning and mailroom scanning are set for considerable growth in take-up compared to outsourced scanning and capture.

Importance of Print to Mail Compliance

Automail is all about the print to mail compliance in mailing communication and the law governing the regulations on non-compliance. Automail provides compliant print to mail services for the safe handling of your business emails.

Automail LLC is the leading outsource mail companies for mailroom solutions. Automail is one of the mail companies for document design outsource solutions.


AutoMail - A Complete Digital Mailroom Solution

AutoMail is a digital mailroom for processing all incoming mails and documents. The mailings are captured at the point of entry and automatically streamlined across departments, thus optimizing the work flow of mail communications. It includes the following solutions:


Includes technology that works best to improve the quality of your work, shortens your processing time, and saves you money. The software is accepted globally for utility, finance, medical & healthcare industries.


Allows for better communication among the clients & customers by utilizing custom design tools. This improves the overall effect of invoices, statements, bills, information brochures, and marketing notes.

Automail Certified

USPS® certified software adheres to all regulations for IM®pb barcoding. AutoMail® Certified software can save you postage costs by utilizing First-Class™ Postage presort discounts for volumes over 500 while also saving on Return Receipt (about $1.35 per transaction).


Mailing Software - A Powerful Marketing Means

Mailing Software - A Powerful Marketing Means

Mailing Software is a powerful automated software able to create, send and track emails or newsletters to your clients and customers. It is an all-inclusive program for your e-marketing needs that can handle bulk email processing. Mailing software automates the workflow by optimizing postage costs, improving data processing and providing integrated access to a wide gamut of data management including marketing services intimations. Some of the characteristic features of our Mailing Software are.

  • Processing Bulk HTML emails and newsletters to your clients
  • Manage Contacts by creating contact groups
  • Import and export contacts (Excel and CSV)
  • Ease of configuring to any mail server

- Backup and restore a database


What is Document Classification?

Document classification is the process in which software classifies the huge amount of different types of document and capture the content. Automail has mailroom automation software that is all set up to classify documents, data collected from various input to get routed to the correct person within no time. This maintains the workflow for enterprise mail management. The automated software favours from mid to large companies dealing with enormous amount of documents.