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Custom travel clubs

Custom Travel Clubs was developed to address the need of increasing loyalty for organizations and their constituents. Travel is the great equalizer, it’s the thing all people want more of. At Custom Travel Clubs, we set out to fulfill that need by offering organizations a turn-key white label system of having their own travel club that they can then share with their customers / members / associates.

How is rise of millennials linked to emergence of travel clubs

Millennials form a huge chunk of traveler aficionados in the present times. They are the young, energetic and internet-savvy travelers aged between 18 and 34; although age is just a number used by demographers to represent them. Most people who are adventure seekers agree that being a millennial is just a ‘state of mind’.

Millennial travelers have emerged as a generation who loves to explore new places, culture, people and landmarks. They do not shy away from leaving comforts of the home to explore the world.

According to the stats, by 2020, millennial travelers will be making around 320 million international trips as compared to 217 million in 2013. (Source) This staggering 47% increase in the number of trips indicates that millennials are going to make travel industry into a fast-growing and influential market amongst other sectors. The millennial generation is already growing by leaps and bounds. They are technologically advanced travelers who like to be well informed of the places they are traveling to. They love to stay in touch with their peers on social media sites. In fact, communication and traveling go hand-in-hand for them. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the millennials and travel clubs are the perfect fit.

The millennials are the target audience for most of the travel clubs these days. Thanks to the millennial generation for their high expectations, tech-savvy approach and the continual need for new experiences! Travel clubs have been able to deliver all of these along with peace of mind. Since millennials have an innate desire for exclusivity of experiences, travel clubs can offer it with their travel membership plans. This is one of the most powerful features of travel clubs and has become the preferred choice for millennials. No wonder, travel clubs have emerged to offer services specifically to the millennial generation.

For the digital nomads or the millennials on-the-go, taking a travel club membership is a luxury trove that gives access to their dream vacation deals. The millennial generation doesn’t believe in saving money for a distant future that may or may not exists. They strongly advocate in keeping a work-life balance. So they are always ready to take a vacation whenever they can. They embrace technology and carefully assess their travel expenditure. This is why they find travel loyalty programs as the most appealing option. The travel clubs are ideal for getting them deals on a budget for accommodation, airfare, activities, transport and so on. The millennial generation is the one you will rarely find sitting in a hotel room. They are always on to something, exploring a new place, seeking hidden trails or discovering a new culture. They know that they can depend on an ideal travel club membership plan for all their needs.

Despite the notion that millennials do their trip planning themselves and avoid relying on tour operators, it’s not entirely true. They are keen to stay one step ahead by taking travel club memberships unavailable to their peers. Since they have a constant need to stay active on social media, they dig places with amenities like free Wi-Fi, lounge access, discounts on luxury travel needs and more. The travel clubs are perfect at fulfilling their high expectations and they definitely love to depend on them. Besides, travel clubs are able to provide 24/7 support which is like icing on the cake. No wonder, a travel club provides them with all they need right from the start of trip planning to buying air tickets and more.

Custom Travel Clubs are the leading B2B membership based travel club fulfillment company that creates, operates and helps market travel clubs for brands and organisations around the world. We provide white label travel club platforms & solutions.

Solo Travel- All You Need To Know Before Going By Yourself

Traveling alone needs a lot of courage. Especially if you are going out solo for the first time, you need to be extra cautious. Traveling solo is something that everyone must do at least once in their lives. Many people describe their first solo trip as intensely satisfying religious experience. So if you are going solo or have plans to do so, then keep these things in mind to help you have a pleasant, safer and a happier solo trip –

Trust everyone and no one
It’s okay to meet new people and explore a little bit. But it’s not good to be vulnerable at the same time. Make sure that you don’t trust anyone so easily while traveling or give in your personal details. Also, don’t trust anyone with your money. Most of the scam artists pretend to be extra nice, so guard up against such people.

Make copies of your important documents
What will you do if you get robbed? How will you make it back home of you lost everything while traveling? The simple answer to that is – digital copies. Never forget to make extra copies of every important document before you start traveling. You can make hard copies to keep in your handbag along with the digital version of them. Simply scan them to your phone, tablet or your personal email for safe keeping. They can be used in case of emergencies to get you home safely.

Avoid single supplement or use reliable booking site
Most of the frequent travelers are familiar with the tour operators that often tack extra out of your bill because of the fact that they are not going to make extra money out of single occupant. So you might end up paying way more than those traveling with partners. One way to avoid is to look for booking site that offers roommate matching. You can look for someone with complementary personality to share your room with and pay far less.

The other way around is to use a reliable booking site such as Trip Smart Travel Solutions. They have a plethora of hotel and flight options integrated into their travel api. They offer travel solutions within every budget with a range of hotels, activities and car rental offerings. You can even modify your itinerary to suit your needs.

Work your network
Once you have booked your trip, you can ask your friends around to suggest you about potential contacts for travel help. You never know if you come across with someone whose friend or relative has relocated to the destination you are traveling to and is willing to show you around. Also, expanding your network means that you might get interesting visitors or connections.

Stay well connected
It is good to occasionally ‘check-in’ on Facebook or other social media sites while traveling. Not only that you can brag about your trip but also let your network know where in the world you are. In case, you are in some trouble, your network may come for your help if they already know your whereabouts.

Let your closed ones know your complete itinerary details back home
Make sure that someone back home knows every detail about your trip itinerary. Whether you are backpacking or on a leisure trip, give your family members all the relevant information of your trip such as flight booking, hotel reservation etc. It is a good idea to do that ahead of time and have a backup in case something goes wrong.

Take a book
Long train journeys and bus trips are perfect for reading. So if you are traveling solo, always bring a book with you.

Trip-Smart Travel Solutions is a full service, bespoke travel solutions company focused on delivery to the B2B market with 60 years of experience in the online travel domain. We provide Travel Api (flight api, hotel api, car api, cruise api). We also provide white-label travel portal/private label travel portal, travel affiliate programs and travel fulfillment services.

Custom Travel Clubs Brings Group Trips Booking- Wonder-Breaks

USA – March 26th, 2017 – Custom Travel Clubs, the leading B2B travel club fulfillment company which creates, operates and helps market travel clubs for brands and organisations around the world, announced today the addition of a Group Trips Travel benefit- “Wonder-Breaks”.

Custom Travel Clubs provides a deeper experience opportunity for customers, turning customers into members and then into brand advocates through our Wonder-Breaks portfolio of experiences.

Most people are nervous of change, of new experiences, new cultures and lands – although they desire them. This is the reason why packaged vacations/holidays and Cruises are so popular; they are safe, they are easy. But often, most travelers are left with a bland and shallow experience.

Custom Travel Clubs’ Wonder-Breaks is different, our Wonder-Breaks Group experiences combine select inclusions, properties, locations and special touches but most importantly they provide opportunity for simple, elective inclusion and immersion.

Our proprietary online platform helps to cultivate a branded socialized experience allowing members to directly collaborate with others on their preferred group travel experience that is bespoke to that interest group.

Active members can inspire, collaborate and even vote on their chosen experience’s inclusions, guided walking tour, night clubbing, paragliding, scuba, hiking or perhaps just where to eat dinner…

From summer- time sandy beaches to historical and cultural experiences to winter wonderlands, only our exclusive members get to enjoy fully immersive and expert curated group experiences.

Read the press release here:

The Biggest Travel Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

The year 2016 has been remarkable in terms of travel. We have seen growing interest in traveling to gain new experiences instead of just owning stuff. Especially in the last couple of years, people have been looking forward to gaining insights about the world. They are forming travel circles so as to leave for any adventure that comes their way. This is giving rise to new travel trends almost every year. If you are a traveler and keeping an eye on these emerging trends, here are the words that you are going to keep hearing in entire 2017 –
1. Microadventures
The word ‘Microadventure’ was first coined by British adventurer Alastair Humphreys in 2012. It was soon added to the Collins Dictionary which defines it as a cheap, short and effective adventure. The word is out and catching up soon. Money and time are quintessentially scarce these days. Additionally, with the increasing responsibilities, people are looking for holidays in their back gardens. Travelers looking for microadventures love to spend their weekend at a place nearby which is not extremely expensive yet give you the thrill of an adventure holiday.
2. Bleisure
Bleisure means ‘traveling for business’ in simple words. This trend popped up in 2016 and it is surely going to boom in 2017. This travel trend is for business travelers who are looking for adventure as well. Most of the professionals in the age group of 25-40 are the ones responsible for the popularity of Bleisure travel. The emergence of boutique hotels well equipped with added amenities are the ones keeping up with this trend in the global market.
3. Eco Tourism
Eco Tourism has always been there yet the predictions are that this trend is going to make it big in 2017. With more and more people getting conscious about the way they travel, this trend has brought a new species of travelers called ‘green travelers’. These travelers are aware of the impact of climate change and are seeking ways to minimize their carbon footprint. Not only that, they are also pursuing activities that raise environmental awareness. If you are an environmental savvy traveler, then you can look for similar activities or travel solutions at TripSmart Solutions and book them in a few simple steps.
4. Solo Travel
According to various studies, solo travel trend is going to rise. Solo travelers love to immerse themselves in quality experiences so they tend to do a lot of research before trip planning. Since they are going alone, they make sure that all the arrangements are made in advance and the trip is planned thoroughly to avoid any issues later on. They just can’t take risks while going out solo. That’s why, solo travelers trust reliable travel api that can offer ground-breaking deals on flights and hotels. Trip-Smart Travel Solutions cover the widest range of hotels and flight deals on their hotel api and flight api respectively with exciting features. You can plan your trip in advance and choose to pay during the check-in at your hotel. Also, you can modify your itinerary anytime.
5. Local Tourist
The young travelers are opting for local options that are inexpensive and also offer immersive local experiences. They love to explore life in a new place and connect with the locals. The local tourist is definitely going to make the catchphrase in 2017 with more and more adventurers joining in.

Trip-Smart Travel Solutions is a full service, bespoke travel solutions company focused on delivery to the B2B market with 60 years of experience in the online travel domain. We provide Travel Api (flight api, hotel api, car api, cruise api). We also provide white-label travel portal/private label travel portal, travel affiliate programs and travel fulfillment services.

Top Hidden Dangers To Avoid While Travelling

Travel is not all about fun. There might be hidden dangers looming everywhere. So before you go on your next trip as yourself, “How well prepared are you?” Before you set out for your next adventure, take a moment to think about your safety. As they say, “Prevention is better than cure.” So take time out of your travel preparation and gear yourself with the knowledge and backups in case something unexpected happens. Here is a list of top hidden dangers to avoid at all costs while you are traveling –

Being mugged
The rule of thumb says that never dress up like a tourist with flashy clothes and expensive jewelry in a foreign country. There might be consequences to it. The worst being getting robbed. So make sure that you keep your important stuff like camera, laptop, cards, gadgets etc. out of sight of prowling robbers. You don’t want to take a risk with your essentials in another country especially.

Losing all important documents
Losing all important documents can be nothing less than a nightmare. So avoid it at all costs. How? Prepare a little before you embark on your journey. Make sure that you photocopy all your important documents like passport, hotel bookings, flight information etc. Also, keep a digital copy saved on your phone as well as the laptop. In case, you lose the hard copy of the documents, you can still go on with your trip with the soft copies.

Falling ill
You are more susceptible to falling ill in a new place particularly. Upset stomach or food poisoning is the most common problem that tourists face. It is best to avoid meat products, seafood or eating out from street side vendors.

Dodgy tour operators
Always get your booking done from a reputable tour operator. You can take reference from friends or relatives you have firsthand experience with a tour operator. The dodgy tour operators are of no help in case the worst happens.

If you are looking to get your trip itinerary ready with a few simple and easy steps, try Trip-Smart Travel Solutions’ travel api. You get all your travel needs to be sorted under one roof. From hotel bookings to flight information and activities, Trip-Smart Travel Solutions can arrange it all for you via their bespoke hotel api and flight api. Additionally, the trusted reviews of the users can help you a great deal in making your own itinerary.

Getting arrested
Always check the local laws and customs of your travel destination. It is important to follow them while you are there. Most of the countries have put up information about their local laws on their website for reference so never leave home without checking them thoroughly.

Natural disasters
Find out the information of the place you are traveling to in terms of natural disasters. If it is prone to earthquakes, floods, volcanoes etc. then it is advisable to exercise caution.

Accidents/ Injuries
Be wary of your surroundings while driving in another country. Many tourists get fatal injuries while neglecting safety issues on the road every year. Also, be aware of the walkways that need repairs or loose balcony railings to avoid any unfortunate event.

Violent outbreaks
If a war or unrest has broken out at the place you are traveling to, then ask yourself if you really need to travel. If you do, then make sure that you are covered by travel insurance. Additionally, take precautionary safety measures at all times while traveling. If you are volunteering in that area or someone has sponsored your trip, ask for the best safety precautions. Also, check the latest information on that place before you start the trip.

Trip-Smart Travel Solutions is a full service, bespoke travel solutions company focused on delivery to the B2B market with 60 years of experience in the online travel domain. We provide Travel Api (flight api, hotel api, car api, cruise api). We also provide white-label travel portal/private label travel portal, travel affiliate programs and travel fulfillment services.

Tips For Finding Cheap Airfare

Finding cheap airfare can require endless and tiresome searching. With continuously fluctuating prices, this becomes a daunting task. The right approach to frugal fight booking not just involves browsing but smart browsing. With our expert tips, you can save lots of time and money on your next flight booking. So good luck finding the cheap airfare deal that you were dreaming of!

*Tips For Finding Cheap Airfare

Booking early isn’t everything

Surprisingly, the key to getting cheap airfare deal is not about buying it early. Airlines can release discounts on the price ticket anytime. These deals generally apply to flights that are within next week or month. So be careful about the price fluctuation and keep an eye on the deals.

Keep your search top secret

You might have noticed that flight price has magically changed after browsing a few times. This happens due to the cookies in your browser. The best way to avoid higher prices is to browse in incognito or private browsing mode. You will always get the lowest airfare prices.

Identify the cheapest day to fly

Take a careful look at the price pattern over a month. Generally, Tuesday is regarded as the cheapest day to find cheap airfare. This is backed by several theories and researches on flight price patterns.

Budget airlines are your friends

Befriend budget airlines as they offer the cheapest airfare deals. They do come with some compromises but if you want to travel in a budget, they are the best bet. But don’t forget to make sure that you have read the luggage guidelines carefully.

Book long-haul flights

Another great way to save some bucks on your airfare is to book flights with long-haul. But while doing this, remember not to book tight layovers. Instead, you can go for multi-day layovers. Booking them will allow you to see two destinations in the price of one.

Join a travel club

Without a doubt the best way to guarantee the cheapest airfare is to join a travel club instead of booking on the retail travel giants like Expedia and Priceline where they have predetermined guidelines on how much they have to see the tickets for. Airlines reserve a set amount of inventory every day for travel clubs that can be sold at up to 65% off retail…and that is no joke!

Pack For Your Vacation Like a Pro

Whether you are going on a weekend beach vacation or a month-long Himalayan expedition, you will need to get your packing right. After all, a little extra space in your bag won’t hurt. If you are expecting no tangles in your jewelry or not a single wrinkle in your favorite shirt, you will need to learn to pack like a pro. It is no rocket science, trust us!

Here are the best kept secrets to pack right for any vacation. We promise you no cosmetic spills, wrinkle-free clothes and safe gadgets with these genius packing hacks

Pack For Your Vacation Like a Pro

  1. Roll it, don’t fold it

Once you will start rolling your clothes, you will never fold them. You will be surprised by the amount of spare space it leaves. This is a great space saver trick that many travelers swear by that also helps reduce wrinkles.

  1. Waterproof your bag

If you are going for a tropical getaway, don’t forget to waterproof your bag. You can either buy a waterproof cover for your backpack or make a weather-tight luggage. Keep the toiletries in a zip-locked bag, makeup bag on both sides and top it off with a rain jacket and…VOILA! You are good to go on your vacation.

  1. Heavy stuff at the bottom

The rule of thumb is to pack the heaviest things at the bottom. When the weight is distributed to the bottom of a suitcase, it is much easier to roll.

  1. Put your dirty clothes in a laundry bag when returning

The closets of high-end hotels have drawstring laundry and shoe bags. They always come handy in serving as extra laundry bag. They are semi-disposable and ideal for return-journey packing.

  1. Plastic wrap your jewelry

If you are frustrated with ending up with tangled jewelry items at the end of every vacation, we have a simple solution for this. Something that lies in your kitchen. Yes, plastic wrap it is. Pack your individual jewelry items between two sheets of plastic wrap, press down firmly and you are ready to roll. No more tangles!

  1. Use the dry-cleaning bag to avoid creases

Use a dry-cleaning bag to pack clothes prone to wrinkles. But remember to lay them flat inside and fold normally. The plastic will avoid them getting creased.

  1. Stack your intimate wear

The best way to fold your bras or delicate is to stack them on top of each other. Fold them in half after that and tuck your underwear inside. This will keep the bra cups intact for your vacation.

  1. Shower cap for shoes

The best way to keep your dirty shoes from ruining your clothes is to use a shower cap to stick them inside. If you are low on space, you can stuff your socks inside the shoes.

  1. Throw a dryer sheet in your suitcase

A dryer sheet will freshen what can become a smelly space, especially when traveling to humid areas. Put a few sheets on the top and bottom and open up to sheer freshness!

Vacation like a pro!

Drop the burden of packing on your dream vacation with the above tips and enjoy a smooth trip. For your next getaway, don’t forget to check the awesome travel deals for airfare, accommodation, activities and more on Insider Travel Club.

Are Travel Club Memberships Worth It?

Membership clubs have their own privileges but the question is – are they worth the cost? A short answer to this question is a resounding yes! Travel Clubs have emerged out to fulfill the varying needs of all kinds of travelers. We come across certain ads or promotional emails about such clubs. The first question that pops up in our head is – What do they offer? Well, travel clubs offer a plethora of services through their membership plan. As a consumer or retailer, you buy their programs that entitle you to certain benefit inaccessible to the public. Even giants like Hilton or Marriott are merchandising their programs as ‘clubs’. Such is the popularity and demand of Travel Clubs in the recent times.

Every travel club has a certain membership format which is based on two entities – time and cost. Travel Clubs do through researching into consumer habits before making a definite membership plan to offer. So if you are a travel business interested in offering the same to your consumers, then you know that the basic homework is already done by the Travel Club. Travel Clubs have evolved a reputation in the travel industry so customers are naturally drawn to them. Most of the luxury or leisure travelers just can’t do without one. So if you know you got such consumers, a travel club membership is easy to pitch.

Travel membership can be equated with that of real estate. It is like owning something for a specific period of time. Most travel clubs offer flexible membership options with a variety of membership plans to cater to the needs of a variety of travelers. For instance, they may offer accommodation/residence/villa for a specific interval. The interval can be a week or month or more than that. The best thing about travel club membership is that they are not location specific. So you can change your location or trade for a longer interval depending upon your vacation plan. Travel Clubs also offer points on making purchases which can be redeemed in exchange for services.

Consumers receive their money’s worth in due time with the travel club membership. For instance, if a typical travel club membership plan costs around 300$ for a year, then you get sorted for flight and hotel deals, car rental services, cruise trip, medical services and more till the membership expires after a year. If you go via any travel agent to book your airfare or hotel, you will normally be paying him the convenience fee just one time. Generally, you will spend around $100. So definitely a travel club membership fee for a year is a far better deal than paying one-time to a travel agent. Plus, a travel club offers you perks like no other. The best thing that comes with travel club membership is the customer support during your vacation. This is the best feature of travel clubs that make them a great selling point. Think about saving all the money on your trips and at the same time getting the much-needed peace of mind. Backed by technology and innovation, a travel club membership can buy the most ‘wows’ from a consumer’s wallet. Custom Travel Clubs help to design the travel club portal for your business as per your requirements and give you the brand recognition that you need.

Custom Travel Clubs are the leading B2B membership based travel club fulfillment company that creates, operates and helps market travel clubs for brands and organisations around the world. We provide white label travel club platforms & solutions.

Wonder-Breaks - Group Trips Like Never Before

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them and it will change you.” – Amy Poehler

That’s the magic of being in the company of those who share same interests as you do. Traveling alone is not for everyone. Some people want to go on a trip to make new memories with the world out there. They don’t want to churn through 20 countries in 10 days and be done with it. It may look like a big deal and appear good in your Instagram profile. But for many people, travel is all about embracing new cultures, exploring new lands and learning new things.

Many people want to take it slow when it comes to traveling. They want to devour every experience at a slow pace. They want to meet the locals, make new friends, explore cool secret spots and most importantly discover real-life experiences. The travelers these days are not ready to accept the pre-packaged standard offering off the shelf. They want their travel experience to be customized. As a result, the travel trend has shifted to accommodate the demand of exclusive trips.

Traveling in groups with similar interests and age group to share the mutually exclusive experiences is the new solace for adventure seekers. Keeping this in mind, Custom Travel Clubs has come up with a unique offering for its members – Wonder-Breaks. As the name suggests, it is no ordinary sort of travel break. This is solely meant for the members who yearn for a deeper experience. It is a lot different from regular group trips that are on an existing schedule with random strangers.I What makes Wonder-Breaks unique is offering firsthand experiences with people who share similar interests as yours. It is more internal you can say. Unlike the group trips that leave people with next to nothing experiences and bland offerings, this is one-of-a-kind break. A wondrous one, indeed.

Wonder-Breaks are carefully designed to facilitate an immersive experience for each member of the group. Nothing is just pre-set and repetitive. It is not like following the existing itineraries which may or may not work for every member of the group. Instead, the aim of Wonder-Breaks to create a new custom group exclusively for the members and sometimes even on the spot. The trip is designed in a way that the members not only enjoy that but also turn into brand advocates.

The itinerary or experience is not limited by imagination at Custom Travel Clubs. That’s why we choose the selected properties, locations, inclusions and activities to narrow down a realistic plan. We ensure at every step that this satisfies the needs of a group or the family. As creative as we can get, our itineraries allow members to collaborate with like-minded travelers. There are options to modify the itinerary/ activities with the immediate access to our group planning experts. There is a host of experiences waiting for you to be discovered in a group. Experience the world with people your age and interests to enjoy cultural immersion, historical sightseeing, guided tours, adventure sports, food walks, local legends and more. Get ready to get into the world you are waiting to discover with Wonder-Breaks.

Custom Travel Clubs are the leading B2B membership based travel club fulfillment company that creates, operates and helps market travel clubs for brands and organisations around the world. We provide white label travel club platforms & solutions.

Fall Fantasies: 10 perfect fall destinations

Be Inspired by the Top Autumn Escapes
As the official start of fall is upon us, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the mild weather, get a glimpse of the changing fall foliage, attend autumn events and experience unique hotels. Whether you yearn to broaden your horizons culturally, bask in front of a fireplace with a good book, or indulge yourself with luxuries beyond compare — use the next few months to experience this season’s best destinations.® has released a list of the top 10 fall destinations, which consists of U.S. and international locations. European locations include destinations such as Florence and Berlin, which ranked on the® Hotel Price Index™ (HPI®) as two of the most popular international destinations for American travelers in 2015.

Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Berlin, dabble in the variances of cheese at a Hungarian festival, or glide on the ice of New York’s Rockefeller Center — the options are limitless.

Ten hotels worldwide have been named the best destinations for fall, and the full list can be found below:

Snuggle up and Settle in XV Beacon; Boston, MA, Rated 4.5 Excellent by guests This hotel is complete with cashmere throws, gas fireplaces and rainforest showerheads in every room. The Fifteen Beacon Hotel in Boston is known not only for its homey and historic aesthetic but also for its extensive art collection. Roman mosaics, portraits from Gilbert Stuart and works by painter Maggi Brown greet you as you walk in the lobby. Rooms from $395 per night**

Private and Discrete Getaway The Surrey; New York, NY, Rated 4.7 Outstanding by guests This Upper East Side getaway was built to mimic the private and discrete atmosphere celebrities like JFK, Bette Davis, and Claudette Colbert cherished in the original residential Surrey built in 1926. Now incorporating a modernized upgrade, the Surrey will let you retreat from the public eye but maintain a high-profile lifestyle and revel in luxuries galore. Rooms from $735 per night**

Modern History Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace; Budapest, Hungary, Rated 4.5 Excellent by guests This 100-year-old Klotild Palace housed the first elevator in Hungary over 100 years ago. Now the five-star hotel continues to express history with color-rich rooms, ornate decorations and luxurious fabrics. The Buddha-Bar Restaurant, Buddhattitude Spa, and Klotild Bar and Lounge give guests the chance to unwind and relax. Rooms from $185 per night**

Empress Approved Accommodations Villa Cora; Florence, Italy, Rated 4.8 Outstanding by guests Original frescoes, lavish gardens, private guesthouses and bourgeois style accommodations of the 19th century are just a few elegancies that make the Villa Cora an exceptional hotel. These hotel luxuries even enticed the ex-empress Eugenia, widow of Napoleon III, who stayed in the hotel when visiting Florence. Rooms from $485 per night**

Top 10 Fall Destinations:

Scarlet Huntington Hotel; San Francisco, CA
The Surrey; New York, NY
St. Regis Houston; Houston, TX
Fifteen Beacon; Boston, MA
Fairmont Grand Del Mar; San Diego, CA
Hotel Adlon Kempinski;Berlin, Germany
Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace; Budapest, Hungary
Villa Cora; Florence, Italy
Hotel Dukes’ Palace Bruges; Bruges, Belgium
Hotel Golden Star; Prague, Czech Republic

Trip-Smart Travel Solutions is a full service, bespoke travel solutions company focused on delivery to the B2B market with 60 years of experience in the online travel domain. We provide travel api, white-label travel portal and travel affiliate programs.


With formal evenings, live shows, onboard spas and casinos, cruises are often viewed as luxurious, upscale vacations. This can lead to an expectation that cruises will be outside of most people’s price range but there are many great deals to be had so that upscale cruises can be found for the same cost as cheap cruises.

If you take the plunge and decide to try cruising for yourself…

What to Expect on Your Cruise

Embarkation Day

Upon arrival at the port, luggage is handed over to the port crew. The next time you see your luggage, it will be when it reaches your cabin. As this can be after dinner, passengers should take a carry-on with a change of clothes and toiletries.
Documentation will be checked on a couple of occasions, and passengers are required to provide credit card details to pay for onboard expenses. They will then be provided with a charge card to make purchases with.
While most facilities will be open when passengers embark, onboard shops are not permitted to open while the ship is in port.
The Mandatory Muster Drill must take place within 24 hours of passengers arriving (International Maritime Organization (IMO)), and usually happens before the ship sails. Life jackets are located in cabins, and passengers must take them to their meeting point. Do not try to skip this because failure to take part can result in passengers being required to leave the ship and they WILL find you.
Ships usually hold sail-away parties on deck, with live music. Be aware, however, that the drinks provided during the party – often in souvenir glasses – are chargeable.


Cruise cabins are small but well-equipped. Most have twin beds that can be converted to a double, storage, desk and chair, television, and a small shower room. Outside cabins have small windows, while balcony cabins have a small outside area. Each cabin is cared for by an allocated steward, who is responsible for its preparation and cleanliness, and can help with any queries.


Cruise ships offer a wealth of entertainment. Daily schedules are provided with details of the day’s program. In addition to the always available gym and pool, typical days include free classes on a variety of subjects, guest talks, and even wine tastings. For an extra charge, guests can visit the spa, which offers a range of services. When the ship is in port, there will be shore excursions, which need to be booked in advance and are also chargeable.

In the evening, expect live shows, singers, comedians, and discos. Many have casinos and cinemas, and the most luxurious even have ice rinks with live skating shows.


When and where you dine depends on the cruise. Some ships allocate passengers set times and seats, while others allow passengers to eat when and where they like. Outside of formal meal times, there are buffets, and room service is available. While food is often included in the cost of the cruise, some cruise liners offer additional restaurants where you may have to reserve a table and pay extra. Drinks are usually chargeable, although it is possible to purchase packages that offer a better value.

Whatever cruise you opt for, formal wear is a must. Formal dinners are not held every night, but there will be at least two. Men can hire tuxedos in advance, while women are welcome to wear cocktail or full length evening dresses.

Ports & Excursions

Every port will offer many different excursions. This is the perfect way to experience things and culture that you typically would not have access to. Try to look over and book your excursions before you arrive on the ship as the most popular ones are often sold out before you even board.

Bring your ship card and ID with you when you depart the ship as you will need stem to get off, get back on and depart the city.

Make sure you check to see if the port you are at has any dress codes. For instance, some ports do not allow camouflage and it is no joking matter if you wear it!

Last but not least…don’t be late getting back to the ship! They WILL leave on time and they WILL leave you there!

Debarkation Day

You will have 2 choices on the day you leave the ship. First, you can pack your bags and have them outside your door the night before for pickup or you can choose to carry them off yourself. If you set them out for pickup make sure to save a small bag behind to pack up all of the things you needed to get ready.

Cruises offer a luxurious vacation experience…

with the bonus of visiting several exciting destinations during one trip. Whether you opt for the cruise of a lifetime, or a quickie cheap cruise, some things remain the same: great entertainment, great food, and plenty to keep you busy!

Wonder-Breaks – Get a group package tailored for you

If you think that planning a group trip requires just a quick and easy point-and-click, then think again. Customizing a group vacation can be a tall order. Just like our shoes or suits, many travelers want their trip made-to-measure. This is why, Custom Travel Club has come up with an exclusive group package like no other – Wonder-Breaks.

Wonder-Breaks, as the name suggests, is not just your regular vacation break but a carefully planned and customized vacation to ensure that all your preferences are met. Since the demand for customized vacations is rising sharply, the Wonder-Break groups are designed to fulfill that. They are aimed to deliver a well-curated experience for all types of travelers. Wonder-Breaks are ideal for those who are seeking highly specialized trips with a desire to explore the unexplored at their own pace. The travel experts at Custom Travel Clubs curate the itinerary after in-depth research of selected properties, locations and adventure spots. You can expect exclusive benefits and special surprises to make the most of your Wonder-Break.

The majority of adventurers have precious little time to explore a new land or take a vacation. Wonder-Breaks are ideal for such travelers as they aim to give them exactly what they want. The experts who create the itinerary for Wonder-Breaks groups will assist in all ways to make your vacation truly a dream trip. Unlike other group holidays, Wonder-Breaks get you access to all the privileges, perks and services that imply. Our partnerships with the finest travel providers, airlines, hotels, car rentals and others in our network allows us to plan the perfect luxury group package for you.

The specialized knowledge of our experts is continuously put to test while planning your group trip. This is why Wonder-Breaks are different from others. The experiences are deeper and immersive on all levels for our member travelers. You will embark on a journey with new avenues and like-minded people. There will be no room for boredom. The members of Wonder-Breaks group can aspire, collaborate and choose their preferences for bespoke experiences. There will be no limits to expert-curated group experiences such as guided tours, food walks, museum hopping, night clubbing, adventure sports, street food explorations, hiking, scuba diving and more. You can meet the locals, gorge on savory foods, explore new landmarks, secluded beaches, adventure activities, find hidden trails, indulge in souvenir shopping and more on our truly wondrous group holidays.

Those who are nervous of change or find solo trips daunting, this one is perfect for them. Wonder-Breaks allow you to explore new lands and dimensions in the vicinity of others belonging to the same interest group as you. This not only doubles up the fun factor but also make you feel safe. Whether you are an adventure junkie or a beach bum or a nature lover, you can count on us for curating your dream trip into a reality. By allowing our experts to customize your group vacation, you have our guarantee of a well-planned and totally immersive trip at each and every stop, every time.

Custom Travel Clubs are the leading B2B membership based travel club fulfillment company that creates, operates and helps market travel clubs for brands and organisations around the world. We provide white label travel club platforms & solutions.

How Can You Start Your Own Travel Club?

Can’t find a travel club that suits your needs? Create one. Starting your own travel business will give you the freedom to earn on your own terms and channel your adventure spirit rightly. Considering today’s economy, travel club is one of the most lucrative businesses for traveling enthusiasts. A successful travel club requires carefully orchestrated plan with an assessment of potential pros and cons. But to make it work, you have got to put your efforts into action.

A travel club brings together like-minded travelers, travel organizations and tour agencies for travel-related activities around the world. Since the consumers these days are specific with their travel requirements beyond the typical bullet points, these needs are catered by a travel club perfectly. The travel club platforms can provide the customized itinerary to fulfill member-specific requirements. Therefore, one needs to be acquainted with the know-hows of the travel market to display a modest degree of discipline to start with. Here are the top tips for venturing into travel club business –

Choosing your niche is important. What’s your focus? What’s your theme? After figuring these out, you can start browsing the web or talk to the travel entrepreneurs. You must feel prepared to do it right. Have a clear idea before you set out.

After scouring the web and getting few ideas, you can start with a ‘vision’. You can either start independently or take help of existing travel clubs. Not the important thing to consider is that if you start independently, you need to do a lot of groundwork. In other words, you have to start from the scratch. The good thing about partnerships with other travel clubs is that you will be served various things on one platter. This helps you to get established in the market and reap rewards pretty quick.

Before narrowing down on the travel clubs hosting, you must ask them in detail about the layout and marketing your own travel club. You must discuss in detail about the steps required for the implementation of sales campaigns and more.

Once you are good to go, evaluate your business plan and figure out what sales and marketing mistakes need to be avoided at all costs. You can take the help of your travel club as a host member for valuable insights.

Travel in a friendly environment is enjoyable. But it is not just about gathering fellow travelers and making customized itineraries for them. In order to grow, you must develop a character. You may need to recruit some members to spread the word online and offline. While doing so, remember that everything should be transparent.

Setting up a bank account as soon as you start your travel club is necessary. After all, you need to keep your members’ deposits securely. The best thing is that you can do this online.
Memberships contract is crucial for everyone and there should be no exceptions to it. Make sure that every member of your travel club membership reads it fully and signs it.

Selling, above all, requires consistency. It has no room for the half-hearted attempts. This starts with developing a strategy to find right prospects or members in your territory. So work continually to establish your USP in the market and don’t invite any negative influences voluntarily.

Custom Travel Clubs are the leading B2B membership based travel club fulfillment company that creates, operates and helps market travel clubs for brands and organisations around the world. We provide white label travel club platforms & solutions.

Dress Codes For Airline Travel 

The recent dress code debacle, where two girls were denied to travel with United Airlines because they were wearing leggings, is making headlines everywhere. The topic was the center of the social media storm and United Airlines received a lot of backlash for what they did. They barred two teenage girls from boarding a flight as their dress code didn’t match the policies of the airlines. There were two factors to their decision apparently – they wore leggings and they were non-revenue passengers.

Later, United Airlines came up with an explanation on Twitter that the dress code of the girls didn’t follow their airline dress code policies. “To our regular customers, leggings are welcome”, they wrote. This brings us to the reality that airlines still have dress codes. Let’s find out the dress code policies from other major airlines

Dress Codes For Airline Travel
American Airlines

According to their dress code policies for non-rev passengers, they can go ahead and wear casual clothes which look appropriate. Their attire should not be a distraction. In general, if their attire is in good taste for their revenue customers, then that is acceptable for them as well. They don’t allow passengers with torn, dirty clothing and bare feet.

Delta Air Lines

Delta has some detailed guidelines for its non-rev passengers under their Buddy Pass program. They have a relaxed dress code for passengers but that doesn’t mean that they will accept sloppy appearances. Those who choose to travel with them should refrain from wearing dirty, revealing garments or swimwear and sleepwear.

Southwest Airlines

Under the Guest Pass provision of Southwest Airlines, they have laid out some guidelines for their non-rev passengers. They have no problem with a relaxed and casual dress code. The only thing that matter is that one should have a clean and tasteful appearance. They don’t have strict rules yet any objection is subject to the interpretation of the staff.

Hawaiian Airlines

They expect their customers to wear clothing that covers the upper torso, lower part of the torso and wear a footwear unless some physical condition exists to prevent this. The rules are different for those traveling in First and Business class. Men should wear collared shirts and pants/jeans while women should adhere to business-appropriate attire such as skirts, blouses, jeans, dresses or slacks.

Alaska Airlines

There is a section of rules for standby etiquette for Guest Pass Standby Passengers. The dress code should be neat and clean. Casual business attire is suggested for Business class passengers. Torn clothes, exercise clothing, halter tops, bare feet, sweats are not appropriate for those who choose to travel with Alaska Airlines.

If you are planning to travel soon, you must know the dress code policies of the airline you are flying with. While you may never have to follow these regulations, some people flying with you might have to. For your next airfare deal and 24X7 support in everything related to your travel needs, consider Insider Travel Club as your go-to destination.

The bottom line looks like this…don’t be a slob when you travel and make sure you follow specific dress codes when flying on a non-revenue ticket. Not following these guidelines may cause you a delay!

How Are Travel Clubs Promoting Health and Wellness Tourism?

Simply put, health and wellness tourism is a hot trend. The health niche is among the fastest growing in the travel market. Today the words ‘wellness’ and ‘travel’ are spoken in the same breath. Over the past decade, this trend has boomed and become increasingly diverse. According to a study presented at Global Wellness Summit, this niche is expanding 50% faster than entire tourism industry and is expected to hit $680 billion by the end of this year. (Source) Not just that, travelers are taking over 586 million trips for this purpose each year. They are spending huge amounts of getting massaged, snipped, botoxed, implanted and more. A huge number of such spenders are traveling to South East Asia to get their treatments done. Given the record rates of growth, this trend is going to be the hottest one of 2017.

Hotels, travel experts and more importantly, travel clubs are responding to make it simpler. The money of travelers is spent in different aspects of ‘wellness’. The most sought-after wellness aspects include treatments, healthy cuisines, fitness, alternative therapies and sports activities. Apart from these, some specific trends are fueling this incredible growth in health and wellness tourism. After all, no one can deny taking care of themselves.

The market is expanded by the contribution of travel clubs by offering certain medical benefits through their travel loyalty programs to such travelers. Travel clubs take into account that every tourist may be a potential patient and preventive care is important. They have enhanced their offerings by involving huge markets – hospitals, spas, yoga retreats, fitness chains, hotels and so on. Travel clubs are not limited to providing just online offerings but they have delved deep into this aspect to offer all-encompassing wellness itinerary. Spas were once the epicenter of wellness tourism. Now the industry has mushroomed to holistic cruises, weight loss clinics, spiritual retreats, medical tourism and more.

It is not surprising that the travelers are captivated by the concept of wellness and medical tourism. Wellness vacations are compelling because everyday commitments make health a challenge for people and they end up feeling sluggish. The wellness vacations give them the much-needed break and essentially an opportunity for personal transformation. Slowly, these vacations are changing form from rustic to luxury. The travel club membership gives such travelers exactly what they want – reconnection with themselves.

Travel clubs are offering destination spas, doctor on call, premier travel agent assistance, wellness resorts and more as travel club benefits. Custom Travel Clubs is offering private medi-jet service for their global clients so that the travel companies, in turn, can offer a unique experience to their customers. Most medical tourists prefer travel clubs for two major reasons – cost and easy access to treatments. As a travel company, you can provide a customized itinerary to your clients sealed with trust and security with the help of Custom Travel Clubs. It can help your clients compare costs for accommodation and travel, prepare personalized itinerary, get deals on health resorts or book a boutique fitness retreat. Apart from that, the travelers can also get access to healthy activities such as hiking, yoga, healthy eating, outdoor sports lessons etc. to promote lifestyle changes. Travel clubs can help discover the health-focused trends or getaways designed for active travelers across the globe.

Custom Travel Clubs are the leading B2B membership based travel club fulfillment company that creates, operates and helps market travel clubs for brands and organisations around the world. We provide white label travel club platforms & solutions.

5 Best Kept Secrets to Planning a Frugal Vacation

You don’t really need to break the bank to plan a vacation. So don’t let the cost of your vacation keep you from traveling. A frugal vacation needs the right planning, a bit of creativity and handful of affordable tips. Keeping this in mind, we have curated a list of best-kept travel secrets from all around the globe to help you save money on your next trip –

Be flexible with the destination
Typically, the vacation planning starts with finding deals around a particular destination. You have to do exactly the opposite. Instead, find destinations around your set budget. This way, you can expect a handful of experiences even with a small budget.

Start with cheap lodging
Let’s be clear. By cheap, we mean affordable. So you don’t necessarily need to limit your options. Snag a bargain on your hotel room or get a good deal on the hostel accommodation. Try arranging a home swap or go for great B&B option. All you need is little persistence to decide what suits your liking. The hotel API of Trip-Smart Solutions offers a wide range of options from B&B to luxury hotels worldwide. Not only that, you can offer your customers with flexible pre and post-pay booking options to make their travel planning easier.

Planning in advance ensure that you get a good price on airfare. You might think of connecting flights or round-trip tickets. Also, consider packing light to avoid extra charges on the baggage. Consider packing some old clothes so that you have room for new ones that you buy on the trip. Since it becomes incredibly hard to find affordable flight deals online, Trip-Smart Solutions comes out as a savior. The flight API of Trip-Smart offers a range of options for low-cost carriers to choose from. The booking engine also lets the clients search, compare or modify their itineraries with a few easy clicks.

Be specific with car rentals
Be careful to read all the terms and conditions before choosing a car rental. Sometimes one-way car rentals cost more than the price of standard ones when pickup location and drop off locations are different. Most of the time, travelers do not get into this hassle. This is why the travel API of Trip-Smart Solutions keeps them sorted with easy car rental bookings on all major locations around the world. With a fully customizable inventory, Trip-Smart Solutions give an edge to your existing brand and keep your clients happy.

Look for destination-specific savings
You can search out discounts and offers that apply to your travel specific location. As a budget traveler, the first thing you will do is to scour the web for the best deals on activities, food and entertainment. All of this can be provided in a matter of few clicks with white label travel portal of Trip-Smart Solutions. An extensive list of activities will let your clients choose as per their budget and interest. They will get access to reward points, discount coupons, promotionschemes and more that can save them a fortune on their vacation.

Trip-Smart Travel Solutions is a full service, bespoke travel solutions company focused on delivery to the B2B market with 60 years of experience in the online travel domain. We provide Travel Api (flight api, hotel api, car api, cruise api). We also provide white-label travel portal/private label travel portal, travel affiliate programs and travel fulfillment services.