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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 07, 2023
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Guangzhou Street Markets – The Best Street Markets of Guangzhou

China produces an incredible portion of the world's goods, and as a result if you have shopping in mind, the street markets of Guangzhou are definitely some places that you should visit.


Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

The magnitude of shopping to be experienced here is so massive that you might have to rent a Guangzhou serviced apartment such as the likes of Ascott IFC Guangzhou. This street is referred to as 'Up Down Nine Street' by foreigners and it generally packs some pretty big crowds. The best thing to be gained here are clothes, since you can find fancy outfits, leather jackets and even shoes. There's plenty of factory excess to be found here going for incredible prices. This metropolitan emporium is so popular because everything available here is incredibly reasonable. The Shangxiajiu shopping street is particularly beautiful in the evenings, and one can truly appreciate the mix of Chinese and Western architecture.


The Fangcun Market

This is definitely a highly specialised and unique market, but regardless it is one that is worthy of a visit. If you're looking to give your residence some botanical flair then this is definitely the place to go. Pretty much everything at the Fangcun Market comes in a pot. This could create some inconvenience and limit what you have to carry, so you're going to have to choose very wisely from the various flowers, ferns and plants that are on offer. Other than the various botanical offerings, the Fangcun Market is one of the best places to get a puppy. There are many vendors selling various happy puppies which would seem almost irresistible to buy, but China has some pretty serious laws when it comes to dogs, requiring them to be registered. Since puppies can grow into large guard dogs, having one in an apartment can be a tricky situation.


Yide Lu Toy Market

Since toys are probably China's most notable export, this particular market is massive. This gigantic toy market consists of many buildings dedicated to toys, as well as a large market-place that is in turn eclipsed by a variety of smaller market-places. The Yude Lin market is mostly a whole-sale place, but with sellers will be willing to part with one-off goods if the price is right. In order to get the best prices, one would have to be a very skilled haggler so it's best to bring along someone who is familiar with the concept as well as the language. Due to the sheer amount of shops available here, sellers would be very unlikely to try and trip you off since the same product should be available somewhere nearby.


Zhongshan 6 Computer market

For all your computing needs, this is definitely one of the essential places to visit. It is not the biggest of its kind in China but the fact that is has a smaller scale would definitely make it a more convenient shopping locale. Prices tend to fluctuate a lot between shops so be sure to take a look around without buying something upon first sight. The range of computer products is also interesting since you can also find cheap home-made computers. If you visit the market on a weekend you'll definitely be able to enlist the services of man English speaking youngsters who are knowledgeable about computers.