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The Modern Learner WK1 #InSyncHub @blendedlrnhub

The Modern Learner: Week 1 in the InSync Blended Learning Hub

Meet the Modern Learner

@hubcurator: This infographic made a huge impact on the industry -- sharing data and insight about the modern learner. According to Bersin/Deloitte, "Today’s employees are overwhelmed, distracted, and impatient. Flexibility in where and how they learn is increasingly important. They want to learn from their peers and managers as much as from experts. And they’re taking more control over their own development."

The Modern Learner

@hubcurator: This fantastic post shares Intrepid Learning's unique point of view on the Modern Learner, and an explanation of how meeting modern learners' needs can lead to big business results. An excellent extension of the Bersin/Deloitte research, this post champions the specific needs of modern learners and claims: "They demand their corporate learning be ruthlessly relevant to their jobs, and a seamless aspect of their worklife."

5 Factors Driving Modern Workplace Learning

@hubcurator: This fantastic article from Jane Hart explains how workforce training has not kept up with the changes in the business world. According to Jane, "this involves far more than converting paper-based or off-line processes into online processes. And in workplace learning terms it involves far more than converting classroom training into e-learning".

10 Ways To Find Out Who Your Learners Really Are

@hubcurator: I love the way this article approaches getting to know your learners. These 10 simple approaches will have you creating more targeted blended learning to meet the needs of your modern learners in their moments of learner need. Remember, don't be invisible! And take time to read down the page for the follow-up on WHY you need to get to know your learners.

Learning in the New Workplace — Meeting the Needs of the Modern Employee

@hubcurator: This blog post from Matrix states that "It is a time when more than half of the world’s population is using a smartphone, two thirds of it has a mobile phone and one fifth of it has shopped online in the past thirty days; it is undoubtedly time to consider a fresh approach to learning." The post further explores six distinct characteristics of the modern learning organization: clarity of purpose; holistic staff experiences; thriving ecosystems; agile, digitally enabled infrastructures; continual engagement; and intelligent decision making.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation and Goals

@hubcurator: I've shared this post because I think it's important to think about our modern learners through the lens of motivation. If our learners are distracted and impatient, what can we do to motivate them to learn? Where do intrinsic and extrinsic motivation come into play in the modern blended learning landscape? Read on to find out more about what intrinsic and extrinsic motivation actually are, and how we can use this knowledge in our work to motivate the modern learner.

Fun in Learning: Why Entertainment is Essential for Adult Education

@hubcurator: Is it true that if learning is fun, it will be more effective? Is fun the motivating factor for all modern learners? If fun in learning can affect motivation and memory retention, will it truly keep learners coming back for more? This blog post from Growth Engineering sheds an interesting light on the concept of fun in learning. Take a moment to explore the related infographic on the neuroscience of learner engagement. Always fun to explore this blog! Yes, fun!

State of the American Workplace

@hubcurator: This research report is a critical resource for anyone tasked with serving learners. Understanding demographics, tendencies, trends, and preferences can help guide us to create better blended learning solutions and understand our learners. Explore this report for insight into employees' evolving wants and needs, and the prospect of contributing to an exceptional workplace.

Beyond Training – The Importance of Workwide Learning

@hubcurator: Another resource from Jane Hart, this article posits that lifelong education is only part of the answer. Rather than talk about lifelong learning, what it is actually more appropriate is to talk about workwide learning. According to Jane, " Workwide learning embraces a comprehensive understanding and practice of learning, development, knowledge and knowing and achievement. Workwide learning includes all types of learning and personal development – learning and development in formal training which is directed or self managed, and learning and development in informal (non-training) situations. "