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Best Dumbbell Leg Workouts For Women

You do not have to go the gym to have a great leg workout. Just grab a pair of dumbbells and start strengthening and shaping your lower body at home.



Total Lower Body Workout

Total Lower Body Workout

In case you want to train your entire lower body look now further. This routine is for you. Plus, since 20 reps should be done it helps you to burn fat as well.


At Home Leg Day

At Home Leg Day

This workout is an excellent combination of dumbbell leg and cardio exercises. Thanks to these combo, you will not only get stronger muscles but also develop your endurance.

Brutal Butt & Thigh Workout

This 30 minute weight raining routine combined with active rest will shape and strengthen your legs for sure. You may use heavier weights if you want.

Dumbbell Only Complete Leg Workout

If you like lifting heavier weights and like doing bodyweight exercises, you may like this routine. Because of the higher resistance your muscles will grow faster, so this program is great for developing mass.

Legs with Weights Workout

This is a beginner workout but you will learn some not so well-known moves with dumbbells.


Dumbbell & Bodyweight Workout For Lower Body

Dumbbell & Bodyweight Workout For Lower Body

This is another excellent example how to combine bodyweight exercises with free weight ones. This way, you will surely feel the burn in your lower body. Perfect for getting stronger.

15 Min Butt & Legs Workout with Dumbbells

Don't think that 15 minutes will not be enough to train your legs. If you don't have a bench to step on pick a lower chair or use the stairs.

Quick At home Leg Training

Don't you have time to work out for long? Do this 10 minute training three times a week.

Lower Body HIIT for Strong Legs

You are going to warm up for 5 Minutes and move into 5 HIIT Intervals. Each Interval will have two exercises that will torch your entire lower body!