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Top 5 Beaches in Uluwatu – Delights for the Holidaymaker

You will find a number of attractive beaches in the area of Uluwatu. The discerning leisure seeker will be enthralled by these appealing sandy expanses, including the ones listed below.


Padang Padang Beach

The well-known Padang Padang Beach is a popular attraction in the Uluwatu area that will appeal to surfing enthusiasts as well as more general beach lovers. Advanced surfers will be captivated by this location's regular swells whilst the general leisure seeker will be delighted by this beach's picturesque and secluded setting. In addition to surfers, a host of sunbathers and holidaying families regularly frequent this beach. You will also find a temple overlooking the beach and troops of macaque monkeys inhabiting the nearby verdant cliffs. Visitors will be able to replenish their energies at the beachside stalls to be found at this site which offer cool drinks and light meals in addition to renting surfboards.


Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach is another popular stretch of beach in the environs of Uluwatu. This beach contains a comparatively narrow extent of sand, and in order to reach it you will have to go down a rather steep stairway and clamber through some openings in the rocky crags of the area. This beach is often frequented by avid surfers who arrive lured by the splendidly powerful and long swells that can be found at the site. Surfers will also have the opportunity to experience the regular barrels that may be experienced at this location. You will see that a cliff overlooks the surf at this beach, which presents a great location to admire the skilful surfers in action.


Balangan Beach

This beach which is in fact situated in a rather secluded location is sure to capture the imagination of the leisure seeker. At this lovely beach the vast stretches of the ocean lap at enticing golden sands creating an idyllic scene. If you choose to ascend the cliff which overlooks the beach you will have the opportunity to enjoy splendid panoramic views over the surrounding areas. This beach will also be a delight for avid photographers as you will have the chance to capture remarkable views of the local sunset if you choose to linger at the beach for this moment. A choice of accommodation that you can consider from which you will be able to conveniently visit this beach would be Alila Villas Uluwatu, where you can enjoy a fine Bali luxury villa in Uluwatu.


Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach is another local highlight which features a kilometre-long stretch of sand which is considered to be a great locality for swimming as well as a selection of exciting water sports. You will also find a number of attractive restaurants in the vicinity which serve up a good selection of food including popular favourites such as burgers, steaks, pastas, barbequed seafood and the local fried rice. You will see that this beach is bordered by limestone cliffs featuring carved archways containing sizable statues of characters from the Hindu epic the Mahabharata.


Dreamland Beach

This fine beach is regarded as being one of the secluded treasures of the local area, which is overlooked by some picturesque rugged cliffs that create an imposing backdrop that will delight the nature lover. At Dreamland Beach you will have the opportunity to enjoy outstanding conditions for surfing as well as panoramic views of its splendid extent of golden sands framed by the gleaming sapphire waters of the vast Indian Ocean. Although this beach has not evaded the hand of modernity and development it remains a charming locality with many features of interest. Surfers and beachgoers alike can be frequently seen here.