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Best Things to Do in Oman – Essentials Activities in Oman

Oman is one of the most dynamic and culturally significant countries in the entire Middle-East, and if you're going to take a visit here, be sure to try as many of the below as you can.


Experience the Beauty of Jabal Akhdar

Situated close to the city of Nizwa, this is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the nation. The spectacular nature of Jabal Akhdar is legendary, and contains multiple Oman luxury resorts such as the Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort. Due to the cold climates of higher altitudes, rocky dessert terrain gives way to greenery and you will find many agricultural farms located here producing pomegranates, peaches, grapes and many more fruits. The scenery of this mountain range is its most defining factor, and such beauty should not be missed.


Visit a Souq

A souq is a traditional Middle-Eastern marketplace where sellers organise various stalls to sell an assortment of products which are usually hand-made or home-grown. Despite the emergence of shopping malls in the 21st century, the concept of the souq is still quite prominent and has evolved accordingly. If you're looking for a very traditional experience, its best to visit the Nizwa Souq, which is known for fresh meats and vegetables as a well as being a place of auction for livestock. You could also find various handicrafts and works of pottery available here. The Mutrah Souq is a lot more modern, as is contained with an indoor space. The offerings of this traditional emporium are strikingly different, and contain everything from clothes to toys and even electronics. Most of the stalls of the Mutrah Souq even accept credit cards.


Take a Trip to Jabrin Castle

This magnificent example of Omani architecture was built by rulers of the Yaruba dynasty. The Yaruba were responsible in driving out the Portuguese occupants of coastal sections of Oman and building up the country to a formidable regional power and maritime entity. This dynasty even extended their rule to parts of Africa. The massive and elaborate Jabrin Castle was built to serve as a centre for astrology, medicine and Islamic law. The castle is filled with many intricacies, in regards to its design as well as its defences. In regards to the latter, there are many secret rooms and doors throughout the castle. Be sure to check out the intriguing burial chambers of the castle as well in order to gaze upon the masterful decorative carvings within the vaults.


Old Castle Museum

The story behind this historic attraction is fascinating since the castle in question was donated to the government by the grandfather of the current owner, Sheikh Khalfan Al Hashmi. The government extensively restored the more than 250-year-old castle and gave it back to the Al Hashmi family. The castle was then converted into a museum as it showcases intriguing items from the Sheikh's personal collection. These items include works of copper, ceramic antiquities, and even various electronic devices. It is definitely an experience you won't soon forget.


Kargeen Cafe

It's always best to conclude an adventure with a hearty and comforting meal. This fascinating establishment has conventional seating as well as Arabian-style majlis options available too. The food is distinctly Middle-Eastern and you can some of the best examples of local cuisine here along with other interesting options such as avocado milk-shakes and hibiscus-drinks.