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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Basic DON'T'S when Holidaying in Maldives – Help Preserve Paradise
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Basic DON'T'S when Holidaying in Maldives – Help Preserve Paradise

Fragile Maldivian archipelago deserves loads of respect; preserve the place and you can keep going back for an unforgettable holiday in gorgeous settings. Our list will enlighten you on a few rules.


Do Not Feed the Marine Life

Fish do not need to be hand fed or otherwise. These animals have an inborn sense of what to hunt for and what to eat. No matter how fun and rewarding the gesture is, do not feed the fish with bread. This food is certainly not on the fishes list of dietary supplements and as such their digestive tracks are not equipped to handle it. Also feeding fish will make them dependent and lazy causing the marine life to depend on handed out titbits rather than hunt for their daily meals.


Take Back your Empties

As we all know the Maldives is made up of over a 1000 very small islands. The place has no proper place to basically grow its own vegetables. In this sense waste management too is an on-going problem; consider the possibilities of all the tourists that visit the archipelago leaving behind empty shampoo, sunscreen and perfume bottles. It's immense; a problem the country is struggling to deal with. Let out the eco-tourist in you and leave behind the smallest carbon footprint by taking back your empty bottles. Feel proud of contributing in a small way to keep paradise free from unnecessary waste build ups.


Do Not Take Back any Sea Shells

Well maybe a few washed up on shore but even these think twice before you bag it and take it back. A few years back the Maldives would have had plenty to spare but with increased tourism, el Niño and dying coral reefs the archipelago cannot survive too much of a loss. Consider the fact that the country welcomes and an average of 1 million visitors a year; now multiply that by one shell per visitor and the loss of coral is quite immense. So simply enjoy those long walks along the shores of your Maldives beach resort and leave nature as you found it.


Do Not Destroy the Coral

Even worse than taking back shells is the thought of contributing to the destruction of living coral. Never walk on coral no matter how light you are. These little growths are extremely fragile and break quite easily. As soon as coral breaks its dies, turning into the bleached white skeletons you may see scattered along the beach. Instead of contributing to its destruction you could contribute to its spread. There are many resorts like Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort that run 'adopt a coral programmes'. Google this fact to learn more and you will see how proud visitors to the country have paid to adopt coral reefs helping these beautiful creatures thrive and grow. Various coral protection projects aimed at adults and kids are available for you to choose.