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Types of Fishing in Maldives – For All First Timers

Planning a trip to Maldives with loads of fishing in between? Excellent idea for the archipelago offers a variety of choice for both professional and would be fishing enthusiasts.


Get to Know the Maldives First

Known as Asia's smallest and lowest placed country the Maldives is quite popular as a 'Fishing Nation'. This is due to the abundance of marine life surrounding the archipelago as well as the role fish plays is local traditions. About 30% of the country's population are engaged in the fisheries industry while the nation's primary earnings are from fishing and tourism. The over 1000 islands that make up the 26 coral atolls of the Maldivian archipelago are spread across a 900km ridge made of coral reefs. Home to an abundance of marine life and other organisms these habitats are a treat to explore. Add to this the free flowing current, wealth of plankton and warm waters of the Indian Ocean and you have a big game fishing arena like no other.


Shore Fishing – The Pickings are Good

Shore fishing in Maldives is quite rewarding; a variety of fish such a bonefish, reef fish, barracuda, snapper, jacks, bream and small grouper can be hooked. Mind you use a very strong braided type line for fishing in the Indian Ocean as the fish thriving in these waters are very strong. The use of expensive lures is not advised as it can easily get snagged on coral and get lost.


Jigging – Popping the Best Sports Fishing Experience

The Maldives offers plenty of shallow flats around which predator fish lurk. This makes jigging or popping an excellent sport. Just about all fish mentioned in shore fishing are present with the addition of larger species such as red bass, large barracuda, tuna, amberjack and the very popular regal GT; meaning 'giant trevally' that is the piece de resistance of any sea fishing trip. Most serious anglers decide to set off on 7 day live-aboard cruises in order to bag the best catch; mind you heavy duty fishing gear is required here as the fish can be quite large and powerful. Choose from the popular Maldives excursions as offered by top resorts for exploring the archipelago on a very enjoyable fishing cruise.


Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is the more commercialised version of reef fishing. You will use live bait, deep drop jigging and cut bait for this. Quite rewarding a bottom fishing expedition will yield red snappers, job fish, scarlet, jacks and groupers as well as dog tooth, breams and yellowfin tuna.


Romantic Night Fishing is the Best

A very rewarding experience, night fishing takes place at sunset. You will set off into the folds of a blazing sky on a traditional dhoni. Once anchored at one of the nearest atolls you can fish for silvery fish under the light of the moon. Called Sunset Cruise at Anantara Veli Maldives Resort, these tours are offered at luxury resorts across the atolls. On a night fishing trip, you can hook emperors, squirrel fish, snappers, jacks, mackerel and other types of reef fish.