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Headline for The Soybean Industry - Recession or Spike?
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The Soybean Industry - Recession or Spike?

Tips and information about the current state of the soybean industry including current political news and status.

What history can teach us about today’s farm recession

A modern look at the historical paths farm downturns provides insight to what the economic landscape might be down the rooad for U.S. farming.

The Threat of a Trade War on Soybean Farmers

If there were to be a trade war, soybean growers would be hit hard. Some 59% of U.S. shipments go to China.

Top Commercial Lending Mistakes to Avoid Agriculture Recession

Thirty years have passed since the last agricultural recession, but signs of the next one mount. Now is the time to review your agricultural loan documents.

Ag Forecast: Glum but Sunny at the Same Time

There’s a Trump Bump in rural America. This article is a look at the positive trends in farming and how Trump's political position may improve farming income within the next five years.

Soybean Exports Growing Too Fast for Trade War

China helped make soybeans the top 10 U.S. export in 2016 for the first time in two decades. Soybean farmers and anything that is part of the supply chai will be paying atention to when Trump meets with Chinese president Xi Jinping for the first time next month in Florida.

China's soybean imports to set record for 14th season in a row

Soybean earnings are estimated to be the same or even higher than corn. South America is a fierce competitor of the United States. Lower export taxes are spurring shipments from Argentina.

Imported GM soybeans flood Chinese market

Soybeans are a daily necessity for most Chinese. The legumes are used to make tofu and cooking oil. But large numbers of the country's farmers are abandoning...