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Audioboos Loved and Made 12-14 July 2012

Three days -
You are invited to add your favourite Audioboos to this list

Whipping a pony - a 6 year old instructs

Day 2 Hop Island Equestrian Centre
Summer Camp - three children with whips - #omanidot leads

Gracias from TheCubanFoodBlog by @cubanfoodblog

A roll call of those very important people who've helped me on my journey to publishing TheCubanFoodBlog

Work, and the monk by NickHollowayVox

An Audioboo by NickHollowayVox sets out his lifestyle

Playing Tin Whistle in car & chat

Wednesday 11 July 2012
#carboo Playing tin whistle without tuition & discussing recorder, flute, piano & harp #omanidot

Free drink & food works in Cork #pubsummit

No 1
#pubsummit in @electricCork
Wednesday 18:55

More #pubsummit by @omaniblog

No 2

Snippets of conversation at #pubsummit

No 3
#pubsummit #websummit

Speeches at #pubsummit - includes the "w" word - golf too

No 4
#pubsummit :
@patcarrolltouch @gregcantyfuzion @deedub @hidaire @patphelan @lauraMcGonigle Deputy Lord Mayor of Cork @coderdojo @jwhelton @sabrinadent @damienmulley "YouGetItBack" @johnpeavoy Kinnitty County Offaly, Obama, Clinton, golf, Jonathan Amm, South Africa, Netherlands, @humanandkind #skincare @swhelband

Google+ meets Nitrosell - it takes off at #pubsummit by @omaniblog

No 5
Donogh Roche @donogh of #nitrosell at #pubsummit #websummit @electriccork:
#ecommerce #EPOS #omahonysbooksellers @akarisoftware @eoghanol @paraic #reputationbuilder #branding #attractionmarketing @boydjane #45conversations #googleplus #hangouts #linkedin @listly @nickkellet @thecorcorangroup @patquirke @electicCork

Leaving #pubsummit - inspired by so much : by @omaniblog

No 6
Inspired by @documentally - what an event #pubsummit was warming us up for #websummit in Dublin in October - bringing Cork & Dublin closer.

Parking fees surprise

Networking reluctantly- LinkedIn - by @omaniblog

No 7
#pubsummit - a reflection the morning after - story of how perception of a brand can by changed by a single individual's listening

Our morning message is great by @omaniblog

#thegreatmessage for today Thursday 12 July 2012
- one of a series

In a hot shower, rebranding by @omaniblog


In which #cluetrainmanifesto and "a brand is a conversation" feature - brand as promise too

became very significant later in the day during business planning in #nandos

Musical conversation with Omanidot on tin whistle

Thursday 12 July 2012
In car on way to #hopislandequestriancentre Cork -
#music ? #tinwhistle & crude singing in a faux operatic style

Catch Your Breath by @thebookwright

Breathing, consciousness, the passage of time and even our longevity are linked to the speed of our breath - ask any elephant or tortoise ... (or dog, mouse or fly)

Binary Fireside Chats. The DoLectures 2012 Part 1of6 by @documentally

Part one of six recordings captured at the Do Lectures 2012. Check out
Audio recorded by @Documentally & edited by @McFontaine

Been a bit quiet lately - by @gregmcqueen

Thanks guys. I'll sort out how I'm recording boos ASAP.

Looms by NickHollowayVox

This Audioboo by NickHollowayVox offers a glimpse into the life of a modern " monk"

Serendipity Farming. The DoLectures 2012 Part 4of6 - by @documentally

Part four of six recordings
captured at the Do Lectures 2012. Check out
Audio recorded by @Documentally & edited by @McFontaine

Disliking the joy of Friday and the week-end ahead. - by @ianKath

Working in the trade in a job that I don't enjoy brings the pleasure of week-end. Something I don't like.