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Headline for Blissful Luxury Spa Treatments in Abu Dhabi – Indulge and Enjoy
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Blissful Luxury Spa Treatments in Abu Dhabi – Indulge and Enjoy

Abu Dhabi is well established as a top tourist destination. With this come perks such as fabulous spa treatments which are staples of any luxurious holiday. In Abu Dhabi, the experience is sheer bliss. 🌸🍢


Signature Hammam Treatments – Heaven on Earth

This is a traditional multi-faceted spa treatment that pampers your entire being. Promising head to toe regeneration the treatment will definitely leave you in a state of utter bliss.

A typical hammam treatment will include all body exfoliation, steam treatments, sauna, a body and facial massage as well as sensory treatments like cooling mist therapies, shampooing, and luxurious hair conditioning treatments.

Elaborating more on these fabulous therapies The Luxury Travel Channel is a good browse.


Island Rejuvenation – A Journey of Ecstasy

Look forward to this treatment after a tough day with clients or a long bout of shopping. Designed to rejuvenate and revitalize tired muscles and the senses this treatment can last around 2 and a half hours.

This time duration is just enough for your body to enjoy total regeneration. Treatments include a traditional soothing Arabian massage, an Oriental foot reviver as well as a face reviving facial that guarantees to add a healthy glow to your skin.

Most of the luxury spa resorts in Abu Dhabi offer this package.


The Oasis Treatments – Tranquillity Guaranteed

Promising you a minimum two hours of wholesome ecstasy this overall treatment consists of a foam wash, invigorating oil massage, and rejuvenating foam wash.

Whether you are on a business or leisure trip these treatments are simply too good to miss; check out the top luxury resorts Abu Dhabi is home to offering the best treatments.


Traditional Moroccan Hammam Treatments

As exotic as it sounds, this treatment is available at high-end Abu Dhabi spa resorts.

The 150-minute treatment consists of a gold eucalyptus soap wash which ends in a diamond oil massage.

In between this rather luxurious sounding treatment you are given a clay body wrap as well as a traditional Kassa glove exfoliation treatment.


Ayurveda Rituals

Ayurveda spa treatments are very personal. Using 'dosa' blended herbal oils the body is massaged to release harmful toxins.

This process combats the maladies of stress, poor sleep patterns, and anxiety. The entire treatment lasts around 3 hours. Included are a body wrap, facial massage, and scalp treatment.


Arabian Rose Ritual

Again a signature treatment proffered at one of the luxury spas this treatment blends harmonious views of the desert with traditional rituals. Taking around 4 hours the entire treatment consists of five therapies including a lunch break.

Look forward to a sugar body polish, a revitalizing rose body wrap, a 1,001 rose's milk bath a rose face wrap and plenty of luxurious pampering in between.

Just as exotic as the desert this is a one of a kind spa treatment in Abu Dhabi.