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Top 10 Thai Food- Adventures in eating: Thailand version

Thai cuisine is no stranger to foodies all over the globe. It is famous for its colourful flavours and aromas which put it on top of the list of the world's most sough after cuisine.


Tom Yum Goong

Spicy shrimp soup. Yummy is what it is. This tasty classic soup is bound to set off that whiff in the air of tangy and spicy Thai food fresh from the searing pan. There's a whole mix of fragrant herbs and spices that go into this dish- lemongrass, galangal, shallots, chilli and fish sauce to name a few, with just a handful of fresh juicy prawns and mushrooms for a bit of extra texture and munch.


Som Tum

Here's a plate of freshness that is going to send your eyebrows and your taste buds into a tizzy. Som Tum is Green Papaya Salad and noticeably not a dish that is often served up to unassuming customers. No, this is one that is signature to Thailand with its bizarre ingredients and flavours that jump out at you without any prior warning. Chilli, green beans, garlic, tomato and of course, the essential element- cut up pieces of fresh papaya all go into this unique preparation. There are a couple of places of star class accommodation around the region such as Maitria Hotel Sukhumvit 18 which offer tasty Thai-inspired cuisine to their hungry guests.


Tom Kha Kai

Anyone who has tasted Thai food has definitely called for an order of the infamously spicy Tom Yum soup. However, diners with many sensitive palates might opt for this gentler, sweeter version of the popular dish. Tom Kha Kai is technically tender chicken chunks floating in a gravy of coconut milk made from chilli, galangal, lemongrass and shallots.


Gaeng Daeng

Curry lovers are far from forgotten on Thailand's ever-incredible menu. This a meaty curry made with creamy coconut milk and red curry paste with a dash of kaffir lime. It is said that this fragrant and thick curry is guaranteed to set your taste buds on fire. The meat is cooked to perfection; soft, sweet-tasting and deliciously aromatic. Those who taste it always come back for more.


Pad Thai

Whenever anyone speaks of Thai cuisine, there is usually a good chance that this favourite preparation will pop up. It is for good reason that Pad Thai is loved by locals and tourists alike and any boutique hotel in Bangkok is bound to serve these up. Cups of noodles are emptied into a steaming wok with bean sprouts, onions and eggs until they are loaded onto plates and served. A rather simple preparation for such a celebrated dish which echoes the famous notion of "less is more". Diners can add extra spices, sauces, nuts and other condiments of their choosing to customise the dish according to their palate.


Khao Pad

A fried rice dish. Yet another simple dish whose strength lies in that it is nothing more than what it is. Yet the dish demands the usual suspects for ingredients- eggs, onions, herbs and the fried rice. Diners get to pick how they enjoy their meal when it comes to this dish as well. You can dress it however way you want with your choice of meat or seafood and vegetables too.


Pad Krapow Moo Sap

Of Thailand's most popular meals is this plate of fried basil and pork which you could have as you lunch or dinner. It is a complete meal made with the leaves of basil, chilli, green beans, soy sauce and sugar. The pork is rich in fatty flavours and minced before it is blended into the freshly-cooked rice and served with a large fried egg on top.


Gaeng Keow Wan Kai

This curry uses eggplant, bamboo shoots, fresh chicken, coriander and basil for flavour. Though fairly simple ingredients, it is a very fine green curry in the end. It is the mixture of green curry paste and thick coconut milk which gives it that leafy colour. Geng Keow Wan Kai is usually served with a bowlful of aromatic rice.


Yam Nua

This is easily the king of salads. Yam Nua or spicy beef salad is Thailand born and bred. One taste and you will know the Thai flavours from a mile away if a seasoned palate have you any. Chilli. Lime, spearmint, onion. Coriander and chunks of beef dominate this dish and is a great first expression of the kind of salad Thailand can offer you.


Kai Med Ma Muang

Chicken with roasted cashew. Now that is one hell of a combination. The contrasting flavours and textures of the meat and nuts are a marriage fit for the stars. Sautéed chicken is served with the cashew nuts in onion, chilli, pepper, soy sauce, mushroom and veggies. Maybe the drizzle of honey for sweetness is what gives this dish an extra kick but this is a wonderful representation of delightful Thai cuisine.