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Disability Blogs - Blogs by People with a Disability, the Disabled

Disability blogs: blogs that are by people with disabilities, but not necessarily about disability. This is the place to find your new favorite blog that's by a blind or deaf blogger, an autistic blogger, a blogger with a physical or intellectual disability or with cerebral palsy or numerous other bloggers across the disability spectrum!


Day In Washington

Click below to listen to the audio podcast: 30 Days after the Women’s March The Women’s March on Washington (WMW) was a once in a generation kind of event. Nothing has invigorated such action since the right for women to…

Tales From the Crip

There's nothing funny about disability.

Legally Blind Bagged

"Welcome to my Great Unwrapping."

Disability Visibility Project

"Creating, sharing, and amplifying disability media and culture"

NOS Magazine

Thanks to the success of Steve Silberman’s ‘Neurotribes,’ therapists and service providers have become aware of neurodiversity. On one hand, this is wonderful. A concept Autistic self-advocates have been celebrating for years has hit the mainstream. It seems that therapists and service providers are finally listening to autistic people speak. On the other hand, there seem to be many misunderstandings about what neurodiversity, and by extension allyship, entails. Therapy can only be enriched by neurodiversity, if therapists will let it.

Along For The Ride

I write about this brand when I talk about anything to do with accessories, It is no secret that i love this brand, so I wanted to tell you why, however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t aspects that I wish were different, but for the most part I am a fan.  I really like the brand’s earrings and rings, and that’s saying something, because as you know if you regularly read my blog, I’m not really a ring person. I would describe it as inexpensive elegance. This is the perfect place to go for accessories for anything from casual, to special occasions that range from sweet sixteen or prom to weddings.  Continue reading “Charming Charlie: I Like Its Style & Accessibility” →

A blog about disability, society and living life in the nation's capital and beyond

The Geeky Gimp

“I would’ve made sure it was accessible if we were closer friends.” An ex-friend said this after I expressed hurt over his party being held in an inaccessible venue. I wasn’t even mad at him initially since it was a surprise planned by his family; they knew I couldn’t get inside, and ignored guests offering alternate, accessible spaces. When this ex-friend told me of the event, all he said was “sorry you can’t come.” That was it. | Wheelchair Accessible Travel Blog

Wheelchair travel blog with accessible vacation information on cities in the U.S., Europe, Asia & Middle East. Answers to FAQ on disabled air travel & more.


aging, disabled, assistance/service dog user? All are welcome!

Slow Walkers See More

Musings and insight from my disabled life

Of Battered Aspect

Image description: A late 18th century man with a stout wooden leg of battered aspect When you are reading a book, do you ever have the ...

A Blog about life with LGMD and wheelchair accessible travel

A Blog about life with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy and wheelchair accessible travel to destinations all around the world. Reliable travel information!

Girl With The Cane’s Disability Archive

A place for the writings of disability advocate Sarah Levis (aka disability blogger Girl With The Cane) and other disabled writers on Medium. If you’re interested in submitting a piece to the archive, contact Sarah at

Carly Findlay

Writer, speaker, appearance activist. Loving life!




Disability life, ideas, identity, culture, commentary, and politics.

Words I Wheel By

Keeping it real and blogging about disability rights, social justice, and my experiences with my disability, Larsen syndrome.

Yes, That Too

A blog about everything, but mostly living autistic because I am.

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking

When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world
"No, you move."

autism, autistic rights, autistic culture, disability rights, crip culture, disability studies, social justice theory, critical pedagogy, autism spectrum disorders, neurodiversity, disability policy, disability advocacy, autism advocacy, ableism

Neurodiversity Matters

3 o'clock Appointment
by Matthew Armagost

Now I'm no doctor, Doctor,
so please stop me
if I'm off base,
but there's something