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Arctic Climate Change

Climate Change in the Arctic

The website contains info about the timeline of climate change in the arctic. Even stuff that will happen in the future. In my opinion, the website is very reliable because it contains hypothesizes about the future up to 2100. The predictions are about sea rise, temperature increase, percentage of the decrease of arctic sea ice, and other statistics up until 2100.

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It's Galileo. Their are way to many to cover, but they mostly cover decrease in arctic sea ice, increase in world temperature, and the loss of arctic creature's habitats.

11 Ways to See How Climate Change Is Imperiling the Arctic

National Geographic is really reliable. 11 different pieces of info. Their are a bunch of graphs, maps, and charts explaining the effects of global warming on the arctic.

Arctic Climate Change

Their are 10 paragraphs packed with info. It's a really big article that's not very time consuming. Their are a total of 10 Q&A. Their are also more charts, graphs, and diagrams.

Arctic Climate Research at the University of Illinois

This stuff came from the University of Illinois. The info covers the basics of all of the other articles. Global warming in the arctic, habitat loss for arctic creature, and loss of arctic ice. This is pretty much the only info coming from a college.

Arctic sea ice minimum | NASA Global Climate Change

This NASA article discusses the topic of ice records from the arctic along with several dates, a video, and a chart. Satellite images also provides more info to the article.

Why you need to care about climate change – now

The article includes many reasons we need to be aware of climate change (especially in the arctic). Climate change can cause property damage (as seen in the picture). Stuff like this has cost insurance companies lots of money.

National Geographic Search

The articles on this site are basically: Hey. What if I took the summaries of all of the other websites?

#GardensforClimate Part I: Let's Cross Sectors — Gardens for Health International

What would happen to food production if all of the polar ice caps where where to melt? That is the topic of discussion of this article. It includes the answer to that question and the fallout of this happening.

Extreme Research Shows How Arctic Ice Is Dwindling

It's a really long article, filled with info. The 2nd national geographic website, it contains info about boats going through and wrecking the arctic, and about the tribes of native Americans living on this ice, and what it could mean for them.