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Fine Dining Etiquettes Every Foodie Must Know – Time to Hit the Fancy Restaurants

Apart for the common etiquettes of fine dining there are certain rules that one must adhere to during public dining.

Do's and don'ts tend to get complicated which is why we have compiled this list. 👍


Make Sure Your Attire is Nice

Dressing nicely when going out to a fancy restaurant goes without saying. Having said this though, it's sad to see the newer generation opting for a casual approach to this etiquette.

Do consider formal attire especially for business meals with overseas clients; a smart suit or classy dress shows respect to your guests. 👔👖


Do Not Place Your Personal Belongings on the Table

This referrers to your cell phone, keys and purse; it is merely a distraction which will confuse the waiter attending to your table as well as other guests. ☝️

Keep these personal belongings at the back of your chair or in a pocket.


Invite Your Guests to Order First

It is important that due respect is given to your guests by allowing them to order first. Never decide on the meals and place an order that you think is sufficient for everyone's tastes.

Instead to avoid any confusion use phrases such 'please bring my guest the menu to order'. 🍸


Organise Payments Before the Meal

If you are the host make sure the restaurant knows you will be handling the payments. In this sense you could make arrangements with the manager or waiter and hand over your credit card before sitting down. 💰💳

Besides the rules of etiquette state the invitee should handle the payments. In this regard you should choose a restaurant that makes you look generous while being well within your budget.

Lookout for online restaurant offers available in plenty at helpful sites such as Excellent Hotel Deals.


Never Mention your Budget to the Sommelier

Be discreet and point out the wine and price range you would be comfortable with and the sommelier will know to stick to budget.

Also if you are not, do not pretend to be a wine connoisseur; simply taste the wine on arrival with a small sip and confirm your acceptance. In most cases the wine turns out to be just right. 🥂🍾


Never Return the Wine

Consider drinking the wine rather than sending it back; work on the premise that they opened the bottle especially for you.

But on the odd chance the wine is simply undrinkable, discreetly explain this and request for a different kind. 🍷


When Alone Snap Away

Maybe it's due to social media, but today it is accepted to take picture of your food before digging in. This rule is okay provided you do not disturb the other guests and are not entertaining a client.

No snapping up pictures of your food in front of the client unless of course the client wishes to do so; in which case do grant permission. 📸 🍝


Just Where do You place the Napkin

Wait for your host to first place the napkin on his or her lap after which you follow; when getting up midway through your meal perhaps to use the restroom; place the napkin on your chair.

Once you're done wait for your host to replace the napkin on the table first.

This should be done by placing the cloth on the left hand side of your plate. Mind you do not fold the napkin but place it in a neat pile.