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Muscle Supplements & General Fitness

A lot of experts reckon that muscle building supplements could help you to attain that desired shape for your body. Right now there are plenty of products that are created for individuals who wish to build the physique they keenly desire to accomplish.

Sprinters Diet - Diet for Sprinters - Considerations

Sprinters Diet - Diet for Sprinters: Top-flight sprinters pay a great deal of attention to the following Diet Considerations: ...

Steroids Before And After - An Analysis | Planet Supplement

You typed the phrase ‘steroids before and after’. One of the first things you see is a series of photos of seriously, over-muscled people.

The Rock Nutrition And Rock’s Supplements | Planet Supplement

Mercury – An Important Part Of The Rock Nutrition Plan! Are The Rock Supplements Legal? Do Rock’s Supplements Work? The Rock Nutrition Plan.

Body Building Nutrition Basics | Discount Sports Nutrition

Body Building Nutrition: Every day we hear about new body building diets, new supplements, new theories on what does and doesn’t work.

MUST READ Body Building Tips for Beginners

If you’re dreaming about having a body that you can be proud of, dreaming about it alone will not make it happen. The answer to making your dream come true

Quick Muscle Building – 3 ‘Rules’ You MUST Follow!

It basically has to have a combination of the right diet, training and supplementation. Here are some of them:

7 Steps to Professional Body Building

Do you have any aspirations to become a bodybuilding and fitness professional one day? I want to share with you what I learned.

Q & A Of Body Building For Beginners!

What is the best time to workout? Do I need to go on a strict diet? Do I need to use supplement while body building?

Build Chest Muscle

To get that chiseled hard looking chest it requires training with a variety of exercises that hit the chest at different angles.

Shoulder Training to Get Big Shoulders

Shoulders represent the strength of an individual, and shoulder training is a must if you want a complete well developed body.

13 Tips To Get Big Muscles

I have read about over a hundred tips on how to bulk up really quick. Here are my favorite 13 tips that could help you get big muscles.

Becoming A Bodybuilder – What Makes Some Leave and Some Stay

In most cases, there are over 30% of gym members in the US who abandon their bodybuilding exercises routines within 1 or 2 months.

Some Essential Insider Tips on Preparation for a Bodybuilding Competition

The obvious and most demanding preparation for a career in bodybuilding is the working out and sculpting of your body.  That is a process that goes on for

0% Body Fat - Not Just Your Average Air Hostess

Airline hostess Ayme Oliveira is more than your typical airline hostess. Not content with just shuffling up and down the narrow isles of an airplane dispen

5 Things You Should Do To Build More Muscle

I have noticed that many of today’s young men are obsessed with going to the gym and lifting weights so that they can develop a great-looking physique. Thi

Kettlebell Complexes - Kettlebell Lifting

If you have been around the iron game long enough, you have probably heard of super sets and giant sets which are popular amongst the bodybuilding crowd. S

Talking to Ourselves the Right Way

Recently, researchers in the UK demonstrated that structured self-talk can improve endurance performance. And by a remarkable amount. Simply by repeating p

Developing the Heart of a Champion

When you watch great athletes achieve amazing things in any sport or competition, it is a thing of beauty to behold.  It is common when watching such a thi

Pumping Iron Alum Frank Zane Brains Plus Brawn

If you are like most people, when you see a bunch of bodybuilders, it is easy to think they have a lot of muscle but very little above the neckline in the

10 Things A Muscle Building Diet Must Have!

I want to talk today about some vital components that go into a good muscle building diet! Of course, we could go into immense detail on each little intric

5 Essential Workout Supplements

With all the many supplements out there in the market we’ve narrowed it down to the most most efficient workout supplements.  Some supplements assist in he

Aaron Rodgers Supplements

How supplements helped him become a Star Quarterback? How did he build the required muscle he needed to get to the top of his game?

Anticatabolics Supplements

Alpha-Ketoglutarate (a-KG) is an intermediate of the Krebs cycle and is the precursor for the synthesis of glutamine, glutamate, proline, and arginine. Few

Are you Building Muscles Properly?

With building muscle, it is important not to start too quickly and to gradually increase your regiment.

Basic Diet Plan for Bulking Up

Anyone who even knows the slightest about working out and building muscles knows that weightlifting is a key part of the entire process.