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Headline for 6 Times Redfern Now successfully encouraged us to stand up for our own rights, as everyone is equal.
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6 Times Redfern Now successfully encouraged us to stand up for our own rights, as everyone is equal.

Episode 4 of Season 1, Stand Up, taught us to support our beliefs and always stand up for what feels right.


Everyone has different beliefs

Joel is an indigenous boy who got a scholarship at Clifton Grammar, one of the best schools in Sydney. In this shot, you can see all the staff and students standing to sing the anthem. It’s been shot as a high angle long shot zooming into the students showing us Joel is the only one sitting down. This is because Joel believes the National Anthem does not represent his people and it shows that he is very strong-minded. There is also a close up shot of Mr Parrish showing the confusion on his face as to why Joel isn’t joining in with the anthem. This indicates that Joel has different beliefs compare to other students.


Stand your ground and never give up on what feels right

After being given his first warning, Joel still didn't change his opinion. As the camera pans across from other student’s shoulders and reaches Joel at a mid eyelevel shot, we see that Joel continues to stick to his beliefs. Even though he is standing up in this shot, he still isn’t singing the anthem. The strong emotions on his face suggest that he would never change what he believes in. As an anonymous person once said, “Never let the fear of being knocked down keep you from standing your ground!”


There might be hard times but stay true to yourself and walk tall!

Even though an expulsion was placed on Joel, he continues to show up at school and is determined to make things right no mater what. Joel faces a hard time in this scene as he is unpleasantly forced out of the school ground by the principal due to showing up at school when he is already expelled. However, Joel’s face indicates that he is very confident and happy about his decision. Rachel Perkins used a close up technique to show Joel’s stern face saying as if he is ready to fight til the end. This shows that he is staying true to himself by sticking to his beliefs.


From a tiny spark may ignite a mighty flame

Another tracking shot is used in this scene following Mrs McCann as she is having a serious talk with the indigenous students whom decided to follow Joel’s footstep and refused to stand up and sing the anthem. They were threatened with expulsion by the principal but it did not faze them. After seeing everything that Joel went through in order to get his message across, they are now supporting him and standing up for their own rights.


We should always support and stand by our family no matter what

Joel’s dad is proudly reading the newspaper that features Joel’s unnecessary expulsion over the National Anthem. You can see the actor Marley Sharp in this close up eye level shot nodding his head with satisfaction indicating that he is proud of his family. At one point in the episode, Joel’s mum said to him “Me and your father, we’re standing right behind you. You can do this.” This proves that no matter what, family will always support and be a shoulder for you to lean on. If we unite and work together as a family, we can conquer bigger things.


And you never know, you might just win

Joel is finally welcomed back to school after Mrs McCann stopped by at his house to give him the opportunity to come back to school. She has agreed to let Joel stay silent during the National Anthem. This mid shot shows the bright smile on Joel’s face, which indicates that he is proud of himself for making a difference and that we should not be afraid to stand up for what feels right.