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Updated by Elk River Tire and Auto Repair Shop Elk River, MN on Jun 30, 2020
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Elk River Tire and Auto Repair

Elk River Tire & Auto is a full-service preventive maintenance and auto repairs shop in Elk River, MN 55330 area, specializing in Car Care Services.

Expert Engine Repair near Elk River, MN | Engine Service Shop

Have any engine issues? Let our mechanic handle your engine & perform any engine repair if needed. We're located in Elk River, Zimmerman, Otsego, MN area.

Are you facing any radiator problems with your car? Don’t hesitate to bring your car into your nearby Radiator Repair Shop for quality radiator repair Elk River, MN

3 Common Signs of Issues Leading to Engine Repair in Elk river, MN

three signs of common issues leading to engine repair; bearings wearing out, smoke from the muffler, & water in the engine. Don't avoid regular engine service!

Find Air Conditioning Repair Near me | Elk River Tire and Auto

Find a quality Air Conditioning Repair Shop and schedule your Auto Air Conditioning Service now for the best cooling performance!

Need emissions test in Elk River, MN? Schedule your Engine Repair now!

If you need help passing the emission test, be sure to schedule an engine service to check out your vehicle. It may be time for some quality engine repair!

Take care of your needed engine repair at Elk River MN Auto Shop

Quality Engine Repair Needed for your vehicle? Consult with our engine repair expert at Certified Elk River Tire & Auto, 690 Dodge Ave NW, Elk River, MN 55330

Watch for the signs of needed radiator repair for your vehicle!

If your vehicle needs radiator repair, stop driving! Call a tow truck to get your car to the nearest radiator service shop near Elk River, MN

How Much Does is the Cost of a Car Battery Replacement?

It is important to keep your car battery charged. It may be time for a car battery replacement so that your vehicle doesn't leave you stranded.

How much Does it Cost for Engine Rebuild? | Elk River Tire & Auto

Routine engine service is vital and will help your car to last you many miles. Ask your mechanic about the cost of engine rebuild to make an informed decision

How much does it cost to replace Brakes near Elk River, MN?

Many vehicle owners often worry about how much does it cost to replace brakes.Take care of needed brake repair before it compromises the safety of your vehicle.

How Long Does An Engine Rebuild Take? | Engine Repair Shop

The cost of routine engine service is much less than neglecting it and then having to wonder how long does an engine rebuild take. Call us today!

Ask your Mechanic about How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

Do you know the signs of a needed car battery replacement? Ask your trusted mechanic about how long does a car battery last? Call us today on 763-441-2889!

Ask a Mechanic: "How to Choose a Car Battery Replacement?"

Your auto mechanic can help know how to choose the right car battery replacement. Consider all the options when choosing a car battery. Call us today!

Ask your Auto Shop: How Long Does Car Service Take?

Call your auto shop to find out how long does car service take so you can add it into your schedule. Don't wait until you need an urgent car repair

Questions To Ask Your Mechanic About Engine Repair!

Ask your auto shop several questions so that you feel confident about engine service. Take care of needed engine repair while the issue is still small

Ask your Mechanic: "What Does Car AC Service Include?"

Call your auto shop to find out what does car ac service include. It’s not too late to take care of any needed car ac repair before winter

What does a Full Car Service include? | Elk River Tire & Auto

Before leaving on your holiday trip, be sure to schedule a full car service & take care of any needed car repair so you're not stuck waiting for a tow truck.

8 Useful Tips on How to Buy New Tires For Your Car!

Do you need advice on how to buy new tires for your car? Ask your tire repair specialist for advice on what kind of tires you need for your car. Call us today!

You Should Know the 3 Warning Signs of a Bad Radiator!

If you are starting to notice the signs of a bad radiator, call and schedule a radiator service now so you don't get stranded with a broken-down vehicle.

Don’t Forget to Consider Winter Car Maintenance Checklist!

The first step in avoiding a car repair is to know about car winterization. Regular winter car maintenance checklist will help your car drive smooth.

Ask Your Mechanic: "How to Know if Your Car Battery is Bad?"

Ask your mechanic to explain how to know if your car battery is bad. If you are experiencing starting problems, it may be time for a car battery replacement.

Do You Want to Know How to Check Car Service History?

If you are buying a used car & want to know how to check the car service history, talk to your mechanic & ask for advice about car repair issues.

Do You Know the 5 Benefits of a Radiator Flush!

The benefits of a radiator flush far outweigh the cost of paying for radiator repair. Most vehicles should have a complete radiator service at least once a year.

Wondering How Do You Know if Your Car Battery is Bad?

Have you wondered how do you know if your car battery is bad? Consider the three signs indicating that a car battery replacement is imminent. Call us today!

You Should Know these Top 3 Causes of Excessive Tire Noise!

Wondering about the cause of excessive tire noise? Your auto mechanic can provide expert advice about what should be done to fix the problem during a tire service.