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Updated by Cannon Auto Repair on Jul 16, 2018
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Cannon Auto Repair Shop

Cannon Auto Repair provides one stop Auto repair solutions for all the vehicle owner to keep the vehicle running smooth and strong. Visit Cannon Auto Repair Shop at 1709 Minnesota 20
Cannon Falls, MN 55009. Call 507-263-2120.

Welcome to Cannon Auto Repair

Certified Cannon Falls Mechanic- Cannon Auto Repair Shop providing Expert Auto Repair Services in Cannon Falls, MN 55009. Call 507-263-2120

Brake Replacement Cannon Falls, MN: Want to know about Brake Repair?

The most common brake replacement are the brake pads. When considering which one to use, ask your brake repair specialist for professional advice

Have you had trouble starting your car? Call your Auto Shop today!

If your car battery is not keeping a charge, it may be time for help. Call your auto shop today to ask about a car battery replacement.

Are you ready for Summer with 4 Basic Vehicle Maintenance Tips?

Get your car ready for summer with vehicle maintenance performed by a skilled car maintenance expert. Request an appointment today by calling 507-263-2120

Cannon Auto Repair: Don’t Drive with your Check engine light on!

If your vehicle's check engine light has come on, schedule an appointment right away with an engine repair technician at your preferred Engine Repair Shop

Looking for a Muffler Shop? Ask Your Auto Shop for Help

You don't need to find a specialized muffler shop as your trusted auto repair shop is capable of taking care of issues with your muffler and exhaust system.

Why Regular Car Service Is Important for your Vehicle!

Regular car service is vital so that your vehicle is as safe as possible. Ask your mechanic to explain why car service is important for your vehicle.

Ask your Tire Shop about Why is tire rotation necessary

When scheduling a tire service, you may need to include a tire rotation service. Ask your mechanic to explain why is tire rotation necessary

Wondering about how much do brake rotors cost?

Consider the various factors that can cause excessive wear on the braking system and lead to a costly brake repair for rotors, pads, and calipers.

How Long Does It Take To Replace An Alternator On Your Vehicle?

Wondering how long does it take to replace an alternator? Ask your mechanic to check your alternator, starter, and battery to identify the exact problem

3 Questions to Help You Receive the Best Auto Repair Possible!

To receive the best auto repair possible, you should ask 3 questions to your mechanic that help you to know about auto repair services. Make an Appt. today

Have any Questions about How Does Wheel Alignment Work?

If you're wondering about how does wheel alignment work, ask your mechanic about 3 car alignment measurements such as camber, caster & toe alignments.

Why is it Important to Rotate Your Tires For Your Vehicle?

If you want to prevent an unexpected and costly tire repair, you should know why it is important to rotate your tires.Schedule an appointment today!

Are you Noticing any of the Warning Signs of Brakes Going Bad?

If you are wondering about signs of brakes going bad, call your mechanic at Cannon Auto Repair for information & to schedule a brake service.

Top 4 Common Symptoms of Low Transmission Fluid | Cannon Auto Repair

If you neglect routine transmission service on your vehicle, you may start experiencing some of the symptoms of low transmission fluid. Make an Appt today at your auto shop!

You May Be Asking: "Why Does My Check Engine Light Come On?"

Are you wondering, “Why does my check engine light come on?” Schedule an engine service at Cannon Auto Repair & ask your auto mechanic to run a diagnostic test

Top 4 Useful Things to Check Before Going on a Road Trip!

To ensure your car drives as safe as possible, there are a few things to check before going on a road trip. Schedule a pre-trip car inspection at your auto shop before going on the road trip.

Do You Want to Know What Happens If You Dont Balance Your Tires?

wondering what happens if you don’t balance your tires? Don’t put off scheduling a needed tire service. It is important that both the wheel balancing and car alignment are correct so that you are driving as safe as possible.

Are you Noticing any of the Warning Signs of a Bad Radiator?

If you are starting to notice the signs of a bad radiator, call and schedule a radiator repair with your auto mechanic as soon as possible so you don’t have problems during summer’s hot temperatures.

4 Useful Things To Know About Car Service!

If you’re a driver that does not understand the things to know about car service, you may find yourself stranded looking for an auto repair shop in a strange town during your summer road trip.

Worried about When Should I Replace a Car Battery?

Wondering when should I replace a car battery? Ask your mechanic to check your car battery to see if it’s time for a car battery replacement.

Are you worried about When Should Tire Pressure Be Checked?

Are you wondering when should tire pressure be checked? Ask the tire repair technician at Cannon Auto Repair for expert advice.