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Small Business Loans – The Working Capital Angle - Lendingkart Technologies

Small business loans. Purchase of stock with cash discount, stock rotation, covering payroll deficit, paying mid-year taxes require urgent attention.

Small Business Loans – What to Avoid and What to Keep an Eye out for - Lendingkart Technologies

When it comes to financials that concern your organization’s growth and prosperity, you would never want to take a chance, would you? Additionally, when it comes to your personal life, you’d always want a steady flow of income and a safety net to secure your and your family’s future as well. This brings us to a rather peculiar scenario of growth prospects. Addressing the elephant in the room, we would need to look at the importance of business loans and the ways in which one should be using them best.

Financial Falooda for Thought - Lendingkart Technologies

You have a business and you hail from a family that has been selling and buying products since the independence of India in 1947. Or you could be one of those people who didn’t like taking orders from someone and you headed out to find your calling as an entrepreneur. Well, you could also be someone who took up business because anything else didn’t make sense. Or maybe you were just curious how the life of an entrepreneur was and you decided to step into the shoes of one. You are of course the best judge of it all.

Avail Risk-free Small Business Loans with LendingKart

Everything that contributes towards growth of a business needs some sort of investment. For long term success, every business needs a quick and reliable source of short term working capital. This is especially true for small and medium enterprises, otherwise known as SMEs. There are numerous ways an SME can avail a risk-free business loan, but the process can be cumbersome in most cases. Let’s look.


If you are a small or medium business owner in India, you will know how cumbersome the process of acquiring short term working capital can be. Quite often you

Avail Risk-free Small Business Loans with LendingKart

Everything that contributes towards growth of a business needs some sort of investment. For long term success, every business needs a quick and reliable source

Fintech in India: Personalised Business Loans and Solutions Providers

Indian financial markets are seeing a lot of upheaval nowadays due to the entry of fintech firms. The fintech sector has received investments north of $1.6

Apply for a Loan Online in Quick Easy Steps: The Why’s and How’s Explained

Gone are the days when the only way to get a loan was to go to the bank and sit through lengthy processes and paperwork filling all the time feeling nervous about whether the loan is going to come through or not. For the most part, the customer was at the receiving end of scrutiny, the level of which depended upon what kind of loan was being applied for and in what capacity.

Small Business Funding: Make Your Start Up Dream a Reality

Obtaining funds for small and new businesses is no mean feat. The path is riddled with uncertainties, disappointments and in a lot of cases, a sense of dejection if one has ended up with more than their fair share of rejections.

Short Term Business Loans- Why They Work and Things to Consider

When it comes to raising funds, start-ups and young organizations are constantly under pressure. Even after the initial funds may have been acquired to kick




For any entrepreneur or new business owner, the importance of a commercial business loan cannot be underplayed. For the uninitiated, a commercial business loan

750% Growth – This is How Success is Defined! - Lendingkart Technologies

The Curtain Call of Coir – G Sindhu’s Entrepreneurial StoryIn 2007, a remote area of Modakupatti in Tirupur saw the emergence of Evergreen Enterprises. As a company that dealt in coconut and coconut products primarily, it wasn’t much of a contrasting setup in the locale. The defining trait in the company was that it was being spearheaded by a woman, being in an industry that is mostly male dominated.A graduate from the University of Warwick, G Sindhu made a bold move of taking over her husband’s family business. While keen business acumen and dedication were the keys to turning the tables in her favor, this woman entrepreneur opines that having a sharp lookout for the relevant opportunity can go miles in making the best of any situation. While the initial challenge was convincing the family to let her take control of the business that comprises 99% men as suppliers and buyers, there were further business challenges as well.The challenge of coping with the shortage of human resource was handled in a very smart way. Locals of Modakupatti were trained and recruited to serve as the manpower for the startup. This has resulted in the employment of over 100 uneducated people and now they have a steady livelihood thanks to the company. Evergreen Enterprises works mainly out of Modakupatti, and has a business office in Coimbatore.For the problems concerning funding, G Sindhu tried approaching banks. But unnecessarily long processes and requirements of collaterals made the entire situation too muddy to cope with. Another bold move on her part was approaching an alternative lender, Lendingkart. The business had taken up all of the pooled capital and she was looking for cash flow. “The speed of processing the loan was very fast, compared to public sector banks”, says G Sindhu. An avid supporter of the role of technology in furthering a business, a fintech company like Lendingkart made more sense to her than traditional banks.In just a year of taking over the business, G Sindhu has made the company increase its turnover by 750 percent. In the past 2.5 years, the number of clients for Evergreen Enterprises has shot up from 10 to a considerable 140. Citing a few words on accountability and goal-setting from the successful entrepreneur herself – “(We) follow a system to measure the progress and set the goals every day, every fortnight and every 45 days. This fosters accountability among team members.” Working alongside farmers, clients and team members, she suggests that an amiable environment for all of them is the key to growing a business.

11 Important Things Your Competition Can Teach You About Finance - Lendingkart Technologies

Competition is the bane and blessing for every business owner. As a business owner you need to keep an eye out for what your competition is doing. This is the ground rule and needs to be followed. In principal, keeping a track of others who are in the same business as you whether it’s for their marketing tactics, their communication, their growth rate and numbers or their new product or service announcements is all part of the game.

Tips to Bring Business Loans to Entrepreneurs

Start Up businesses are always on a look out for business loans and with coming of commercial banks it is easy to apply for loans. These banks have funds that are disbursed as business loans to entrepreneurs. Here are some ideas that may help the...

Know more About SME loans for Small Scale Industries

Small and medium sized industries play a major role in strengthening our economy. Their role has also been well recognized by the banking s…

Keeping your Company’s Cash Flow Happy - Debugging Budgeting! - Lendingkart Technologies

How to manage cash flow for your company or small business. A step by step guide to draft your budget plans and revenue streams.

Working Capital Management for Small Business Owners - Lendingkart Technologies

All about working capital management and ways in which it can be used to grow one's business. It also includes tips to improve different aspects of it.

About taking small business loans from banks

Looking for low interest business loans in Ahmadabad? This article might help you learn what to be decided about and how to opt for the loan quickly; without having to worry about the tenure, financial stability and collateral and other key facts. Read on, and should you have any ideas to improve the article; do feel free to comment on the article.

Ways To Obtain SME Loans For Small Scale Industries

For small scale industries obtaining SME finance can turn out to be a major roadblock for more than one reason. When it comes to traditional lending by banks, lack of collaterals that can be used as security or not having enough returns on the business can prove to be major deterrents.

The Ultimate Guide to Grow Your Business Online

Given the economic climate, for any business intending to grow to its maximum potential, there is no shying away for exploring the online space. In fact, as a small business owner what is important and critical for you to understand is that optimizing your business on the web is no longer a choice that you can contemplate making or not making. It’s actually a necessity and a reasonable amount of time and resources need to be diverted for this.

Requirements For a Business Loan Explained - Marketing Rama

When it comes to the eligibility criteria for procuring a business loan, most lenders have their own set of rules and regulations. However, there are some basic requirements that are standard to all institutions. In the case of banks, the requirements can be pretty stringent. Banks are very mindful about who they give money out to and this is largely based on their myriad conditions for eligibility.

How Do I Apply For Collateral Free Business Loan In India

As a small or medium business owner, applying for and getting loans approved can be a task at hand. As a business owner who is still setting up and working on consolidating the business, it can be tricky to fulfill the requirements of most lending institutions, especially banks. Banks are traditional lenders and for the most part their eligibility criteria for giving out loans to small and medium business owners is the most stringent. Banks typically do not go in for high-risk transactions.Given that with newer businesses the risk factor is higher, getting loans approved can be tough.

Where to Get Working Capital Loan For Retail Businesses

For small and medium business owners, working capital loans can be crucial in running daily operations. The best option when trying to tackle immediate financial needs of the business, to be able to procure a working capital loan is essential for the business owner to manage smooth operations over time.

Which Private Finance Company to Apply For Small Working Capital Loan

Working capital loans can be pivotal to the growth of small or medium sized business. For the uninitiated, these loans are generally used for the day-to-day operations and running of the business and are integral to sustainability as well as the smooth running of any enterprise. Like any other loan or form of fund raising, ...

Best Fintech Companies For Commercial Business Loans in India

When it comes to small or medium sized enterprises, alternative lending, or rather non-traditional alternative lending is a blessing when it comes to business loans. Smaller business owners are typically the underserved when it comes to being considered for loans by traditional lenders such as banks. The requirements with banks are rather stringent and for the most part, small business owners find it difficult to provide the length and depth of security or documentation.