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Gizmo Bulldog

As official partner of STEALTH and STEALTH VR, Gizmo Bulldog is the first on the scene with the latest products from the worlds of gaming and VR. STEALTH VR first launched with the VR100 Headset in late 2015. They have since brought a variety of Mobile VR headsets to market, compatible with all Android & iOS smartphones 4-6 inches in size.


Gizmo Bulldog is your first port of call for Entertainment Technology accessories. From Mobile and Tablet to Console, we have an ever-expanding range of accessories, peripherals and gizmos to buy.

Mobile VR

STEALTH VR is the UK’s foremost manufacturer of Mobile Virtual Reality products. From entry-level accessories to premium headsets, every single product is compatible with all current Android & iOS smartphones 4-6 inches in size.

Virtual Reality gaming is an ever-expanding bracket. You would be forgiven for seeing those words and thinking of PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but console gaming is just one small arm of the Virtual Reality universe. Most people engage with VR and AR through their smartphones. Therefore, the mobile sector is the real home of Virtual Reality gaming. In addition to our extensive range of VR headsets and glasses, we also have earphones and Bluetooth controllers to help you to maximise your Virtual Reality Gaming experience.

3D Virtual Reality Glasses

Beyond its range of full-size headsets, STEALTH VR also provides a pocket-sized range of viewers to allow for VR enthusiasts to enjoy 3D Virtual Reality content on the move.

Virtual Reality Headsets


VR headsets have been introduced and compatible with most of the Android and iOS devices. The high power smartphone VR headsets give you the ability to access virtual reality applications, games and movies in a different realm all together.

When you are opting to buy a headset then there are various options available to choose in the market. Choosing a headset for professional or personal reasons depends on what purpose you want to use that particular headset. This short guide can help you choose the best headset that meets your requirements while also keeping the budget under consideration.

Demand for VR Headsets

We are living in the age of technology where everything changes quickly and new things keep coming every day. Another popular platform that has emerged over the last few years is Virtual Reality. The VR is not something of the past but now becoming approachable for most people.

Features of VR Gaming Headset

Virtual reality gaming is the latest buzz these days. Hard core gaming fans are looking for good alternatives of VR gaming devices and headsets which can enable them have an experience of lifetime. While the choice of VR device plays an essential role, it is also important to pick up the best headsets from the market.

The age of virtual reality began in 2010 when first virtual headset was created. Since then various companies have emerged with virtual reality headsets and have provided users with some of the best options to make their gaming experience the most outstanding one.




Virtual Reality Headsets


How to buy the right VR device for you?

VR is really here in the market, so before you pick any one of them it is good to scroll through different brands available in the market. Various brands are emerging in the market like Google, Sony, HTC, Samsung, Oculus and providing customers with variety of options. However before you buy VR headset make sure to keep in mind some important factors and then make a wise choice.

With the advancement of technology, we get to see new gadgets being manufactured every day. VR glasses are one among the new gadgets which is in great demand. You can watch videos as well as play reality game by using VR Glasses.The best part about these glasses is, they are compatible with new advanced mobiles, iPods, play stations, DVD players and theatre systems.

Virtual Reality Headsets and Its Types

VR devices have brought a revolution in the online gaming world, which has enabled users to enjoy virtual gaming any and everywhere. For individuals who wish to enjoy VR gaming experience, it is important they pick on the best VR headset in the market. While taking the decision of purchasing VR, the biggest thing to decide between is the classes of VR available in the market.

One of the best gadgets which have come up in the market recently is the Virtual Reality headset. When the idea of VR was first heard by people then they thought how it would be possible to actually create a product for this. At present, a large number of people already own a VR headset.

If you love to spend your free time in playing games then you should buy a gaming headset. Online, you can check out the prices of various VR headsets including the xbox one gaming headset. A large number of people like to play games on Xbox. If you are one of those people then you should get the headset for playing Xbox games. You would totally love it.

Purchase Smartphone VR Headset Online

If you search for Smartphone VR headset online then you would come across so many options. First, you need to decide a budget for buying it. This is important because you will find several types of VR headsets which come at different prices. If someone goes for buying a VR headset from a famous brand then he will have to pay more price for it.

If you are planning to gift a gadget for someone then you have several options to choose from. It is normal for people to get confused when they go to buy a gift for someone. If you know that the person for whom you are buying the gift loves gadgets then you should buy a virtual reality headset.

Guide to best iOS VR Apps

With passing time, Virtual reality is becoming one of the most known things in the industry. In order to make the most of virtual reality it is a good idea to inquire about the best Android and iOS VR applications available in the market.

3D Virtual Glasses - The Future of Gaming and Technology

Be a part of the action in real than watching them on screen. Look around the digital world and get into real action using 3D virtual reality glasses. VR glasses are head mounted devices which can help you to tour around the world virtually. If you wish to visit the moon you can virtually travel there with the help of VR glasses.

VR since its inception has gained quite a lot of popularity amongst users. People find it quite comfortable to use VR gears on their mobile headsets; the major reason behind it is they are cheaper and also fully wireless enabling individuals to have easy access to it.

VR headsets are very light in weight and portable. There are two types of VR headsets which are available in the market. High end VR headsets which are connected to high performance PC and less complex VR headset which are connected to smartphones and other handheld devices.

Virtual Reality - A New Sensation in the Gaming Technology

For individuals who wish to experience indoor games they must take efforts to experience virtual reality gaming. With this, you will be able to experience all the adventurous games in a realistic way. If you are bored with your one dimensional games, then buy a VR headset and get to experience realistic games.