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Soft Skills Training in Bangalore

Are women still struggling to maintain work-life balance? Bengaluru-based Marg trains them to become effective

Based out of Bengaluru, Marg provides a wide spectrum of soft skills training through partnerships with corporates in different sectors. Its trainers have varied experience across the manufacturing, FMCG, services and IT industries.

How To Manage Expats The Right Way?

Moving to a foreign country for workplace assignment can be challenging. Here are some ways in which you can manage and comfort expatriates in the right manner.

What Are The Different Types Of Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching has multiple number of benefits for both the executive as well as organization. This blog describes three basic types of executive coaching.

How Can Technical People Become Soft Skill Superstars?

Technical people are great professionals, but are cut-off when it comes to dealing with people. Here are 5 ways to enhance soft skills of such professionals.

Are You Damaging Your Business Relationships?

Building business relationships is not enough; you need to maintain them effectively for long term success. Are you maintaining or damaging your relationships?

Top Soft Skills That Can Help You Get and Keep a Job

You may be fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You may be a master of optimizing websites for best performance. You may be an expert in programming. Obviously, these hard skills are a basic minimum to operate in the workplace. But, whether or not you are successful in your career depends upon how to you deal with others, relate to them, and work with them – which are known as the soft skills. So, just as you sharpen your technical abilities, it is equally important to nurture your soft skills too. Hard skills can help you get the job, but soft skills will help you keep it. Listed below are the most important soft skills that everyone needs to work upon if they want to work for longer in their workplace. So, brush up on these important soft skills and boost your professional success; and don’t be surprised if these skills help you outside of your work too!

Do You Need To Work Upon Your Soft Skills For Career Success?

As you grow further in your career, soft skills start gaining more importance. So, analyze where you stand, and brush up on the skills that you are lacking.

How to Deal With Conflict in the Workplace?

As a manager/leader, it is your duty to resolve any kind of conflicts within the organization that may affect the business and performance. These tips can help.

How To Balance Professional And Personal Life?

Balancing personal and professional life is highly necessary if you want to keep both your career and family satisfied. Although difficult, it isn't impossible.