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Updated by Darshan Joshi on Sep 05, 2018
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Creae a successful venture with affordable clone scripts!

If you are an entrepreneur by heart, you may want to start off something that is scalable and requires very fewer resources to start with. We have collected some of the best low risk and high growth worthy business domain where you can have your next online venture under $500 and make it big over the period of time. If you are not sure have a look at this blog post explaining best startup ideas under $500!

SoundCloud clone, soundcloud script, music portal script - AlphansoTech

SoundCloud clone - Create you own on demand audio streaming startup at just $199 with AlphansoTech's SoundCloud clone script. The process is really easy, visit their website, have a look at the demo. If needed ask for customization and buy the script. They will help you setup the script on your server and get you started!

Kickstarter clone script | fundraiser script | kickstarter PHP script

Kickstarter clone script - Looking for creating a startup fund raising platform for particular business niche? Well, there is a strong possibility that your venture get quick hit because the existing platforms are very generic in nature. Investors or the crowd looking for product on specific industry get lost on these platform. The niche specific platform will help you attract more precise startup in your framework. It will help you gain more relevant traffic to your website.

Eventbrite Clone Script, Eventbrite PHP Script - AlphansoTech

Eventbrite clone | Looking for creating an online event management and ticketing platform? You have look at the Eventbrite clone script. There are plenty of vendors offering the same script but AlphansoTech is offering the script with plenty of advanced features right out of the box. And the feature packed Eventbrite clone costs your just $199!
Start you online venture today!

iBeacon app development company - Hire iBeacon expert developer

iBeacon app development - Are you a retail business looking for boosting your revenue whiteout investing more on inventory and man power? iBeacon app development will help you address the situation. Have an iBeacon app developed customized to your requirement, place the iBeacon devices in your store, have a small campaign running for some time. And see how your sales boost!

If you are an education institute, you can use iBeacon for interactive education. It will help you students learn new things with their digital devices all by them selves at their own pace! Isn't that amazing?

In any case if you are looking for an affordable iBeacon app development services, check AlpansoTech service offering. They are offering the dedicated resources at $12 per hour or $80 per day with advanced reporting, NDA and IP policy. They might be your preferred app development partner for sure.

LinkedIn Clone Script | Professional Network PHP Script - AlphansoTech

LinkedIn Clone | Do you want to create a professional networking platform for a specific industry niche like design, product development, or the software professional? Do you want to help professional people from same industry niche connect and share their experience on a refined platform?

I would recommend you have a look at the AlphansoTech LinkedIn clone, they are offering the professional networking script at very affordable price at $199 only.

Third Party API Integration Services Company |Rest API Integration

API Integration services - Are you a web developer find it really time consuming or complex to integrate any third party APIs with your website? Well, we are the team of passionate web developers working in the industry over six years. In that long span of working years, we have got the chance to work with many third party API providers. We are capable of integrating any kind of payment, audio, video, financial, data oriented, transcription oriented APIs. We are expert in JavaScript based, RESTful, and PHP based API integrations. The service we offer is very affordable. The pricing starts at just $15 per hour or $90 a day for dedicated developer working on API integration solution just for your project.