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6 times “Redfern” made you question the Australia’s national anthem

16-year-old Joel has won an indigenous scholarship to Clifton collage. The first day of school Joel was noticed not singing the national anthem and was asked why he wasn't singing. He replied with "it doesn't feel right".


Should the indigenous people have their own Anthem?

There are several reasons why indigenous people not liking Australia’s national anthem and why it should be changed. In this close up Joel’s dad explains how he never stood up for the national anthem and how it does not represent them. How would you like it if someone comes to your house and takes everything use your toilet, eat all for your food and then invite people to your house? This is what the Indigenous people believe has happen in past. They also believe that the National anthem does not describe the history of the Australia before Captain Cook accidentally found Australia. Australia’s national anthem should therefore give more credited to indigenous people.


We should be open-minded and view others perspective.

By being open minded, then we can truly understand their view on something. This mid-shot shows Joel sat down while everyone else is singing the national anthem. You can also see Mr Parrish and Ms McCann looking at Joel like he is doing something wrong and they don't like it. After the assembly, Joel had to stay back and talk why he didn't stand up for the national anthem. We should Respect others beliefs and rights and know why people have there own view on something.



How do you know who has power over you and who doesn't? Different people have different power over you; such as your parents would have power over you then a teacher. In this long shot, we can see that everyone in Clifton Grammar School is standing for the National anthem. This shows that the teachers have the power over the students and they are above them, and also the spotlight goes to the Principal, which indicates that the Principal also has the power over the students and even maybe over the teachers. You might also see Australia’s flag on the top-left. This shows that the students have to look up to the flag, anthem and the teachers. We can take people’s powers away from them by supporting each other and have enough courage too stand up for our rights and freedom.


Respect others beliefs and rights

Everyone has the right to have his or her own beliefs and opinion on something. In this close-up Joel had been asked if he knew what the national anthem is. Joel responds with“ Its song in footy grand final, and cricket games when Australia play England and India”. Joel knows why people sing the national anthem, despite not liking Australia’s national anthem he respects others rights. So Australian should know what is wrong with the anthem and take a risk to change the national anthem that will represent everyone.


Australia’s national anthem does not represent the indigenous people.

Australia’s national anthem does not represent where the indigenous people come from or who they are. In this high angle close-up, Joel telling his opinion on Australia’s national anthem by quoting “it doesn’t feel right”. A lot of indigenous people have the same view on the Australia national anthem. One of the lines in Australia’s national anthem is “For those who’ve come across the seas, we’ve boundless plains to share”. Many indigenous people can argue that they didn't have the chance to share and they just took it with force. We should give the indigenous people a chance to argue their case and see their view on the national anthem.


Getting trouble over a national anthem.

How would you like to get in trouble or even get expelled over a national anthem? In this extreme close-up you can see that the newspaper heading that states “Aboriginal Youth Expelled Over National Anthem”. As you can see Joel in the newspaper is the victim of this tragedy, the Policeman and the principal also surround Joel, which indicates that they have the power. Joel’s parents are trying to show people that the principal has the power over all the students and that’s not fair. Ms McCann is not respecting others view of the national anthem and that’s why Joel’s parents think this wrong. We all have the right to have our own opinion and beliefs on something after you have viewed other perspective on something.