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Updated by Tru News on May 09, 2017
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Real News with Rick Wiles

Bangladesh: Christianity Boom despite persecution

Is the fourth largest Muslim nation in the world, and place of many terrorist activities, on the path to becoming a peaceful Christian nation? The "Uncounted Converts" believe so. 

German lawmakers call for withdrawal of troops from Turkey

German lawmakers have called for the withdrawal of troops deployed to Incirlik airbase in Turkey amid a row with Ankara over its presidential powers referendum

President Assad calls U.S. forces in Syria “invaders”

During an interview on Saturday Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said US forces in Syria were “invaders” and he had yet to see "anything concrete" emerge from President Trump

Obama lawyers moving fast against Trump

Obama lawyers waste no time moving in to join the furious opposition to Trump presidency. Reportedly one reason for the quick move is  Trump's aggressive use of executive authority from day one. 

Refugee Families in Iowa Find Patriotic Attire Offensive

Parent and Students supporting one Iowa school’s basketball team were offended when an opposing school’s supporters showed up in mostly red, white, and blue attire

Dan Coats confirmed as director of national intelligence

Former Republican Senator Dan Coats was overwhelmingly confirmed Thursday by the Senate Intelligence Committee to serve as President Trump’s director of national intelligence

ECB keeps stimulus steady as nationalist elections loom

The European Central Bank is planning to keep economic stimulus levels steady in preparation for looming nationalist elections in the Netherlands and France.

Circa: FBI found NO evidence Russia manipulated US election

According to Circa an FBI counterintelligence investigation found no evidence to substantiate media and politicians claims Russia manipulated the U.S. election.

US excludes Russia and Iran from anti-ISIS coalition

The State Department announced Thursday that Russia and Iran have been excluded from a 68 nation US-led meeting on fighting and defeating ISIS in the Middle East

Rick Wiles: Will America Decapitate North Korea Before the G20? TRUNEWS 03 13 17

WWW.TRUNEWS.COM Rick Wiles: Will America Decapitate North Korea Before the G20? TRUNEWS 03 13 17

May 1st: Obama's Kickoff of the Socialist Revolution TRUNEWS 03 10 17

Are Obama’s revolutionaries preparing for a violent uprising on May 1st? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles discusses the President-in-Exile’s treasonous collusion with the Deep State Elite to terrorize U.S. cities on Communist Worker’s Day and usurp President Trump. Rick also shares the latest from the Muslim — NOT RUSSIAN — hack on the DNC, and the laughable cries from a prominent Canadian politician over the truthful reporting of her grandfathers ties to the Nazi’s. Later, Natural News founder Mike Adams speaks with Edward Szall about the CDC’s admission that vaccines contain cells from African Green Monkey kidney pus and human fetuses. Lastly, Fior Hernandez delivers her last report from her Bless An Orphan mission trip to Ecuador.

Turkey weighs sanctions against Dutch over Rotterdam row

Turkey is weighing sanctions against the Netherlands for denying their ministers to speak at political events in Rotterdam and disbanding violent islamic protests on Sunday

Ryan Denounces Trump In Newly Released Audio

Recently released audio appears to show Paul Ryan denouncing his support of Donald Trump one month before the election.

Russia May Have Deployed Troops in Egypt

Reports indicate that Russia may have sent special forces to an Egyptian airbase near Libya.

Mark Cuban: 1st trillionaires will be AI tech investors

During a key note speech at SXSW billionaire Mark Cuban said the worlds first trillionaires will be investors in artificial intelligence technology

EU May Ban Head Scarves, Other Religious Symbols

EU ruling may allow companies to ban “religious symbols,” such as headscarves, which has opened the door for significant backlash.

Somali Pirates Highjack Oil Tanker

For the first time since 2012 a commercial ship was taken by Somali pirates.

Sudan: Will 8 kidnapped missionaries be released?

The kidnapped missionaries are part of the Samaritan's Purse team, a humanitarian aid organization run by Franklin Graham. The team is hopeful that their release will come soon. 

Nasdaq provides blockchain to trade advertising contracts

Nasdaq Inc has provided blockchain technology to run the freshly debuted New York Interactive Advertising Exchange (NYIAX) to trade guaranteed advertising contracts

President Trump allows CIA to resume drone strikes

President Donald Trump has reportedly returned the authorization power back to the CIA to conduct drone strikes against suspected terrorists.

Are unborn babies

While efforts to force churches to display abortion information advance in Hawaii, New technology will make you think twice about believing unborn babies are just "clumps of cells"".

French pres. candidate placed under investigation: Reuters

President Donald Trump has reportedly returned the authorization power back to the CIA to conduct drone strikes against suspected terrorists.

Napolitano: Obama had British spy on President Trump

On Tuesday Judicial Analyst Judge Napolitano claimed that three intelligence sources have told Fox News that Obama had the British spy on President Trump

Saudi Arabia: Driving beyond Oil

Saudi Arabia makes strong move to expand beyond oil exports. The big step is all part of the countries 2030 Vision. Will it suceed? 

Farage: EU elections are revolt against global governance

On Tuesday Brexit spokesman Nigel Farage told Fox Business’ Stuart Varney that the current wave of populist elections represent a revolution against global governance