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Microlearning Ideas

You Don't Know My Life - Micro-Learning

Full set of microlearning videos from Ray Jiminez

Three Guidelines for Meaningful Microlearning

By ELLEN BURNS-JOHNSON, Instructional Designer / @ELLENBJOHNSON L ast week, my Studio Executive and I visited a client in California. The meeting went well, so to celebrate, she and I went out for tapas. microlearning microlearning examples

Why is Micro-Learning Futile? How to Fix It - Tip #126

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9 Microlearning Techniques To Use In Instructional Design - eLearning Industry

Wondering which Microlearning Techniques to use in Instructional Design? Check 9 Microlearning Techniques to use in Instructional Design.

Three Guidelines for Meaningful Microlearning

In this microlearning blog Ellen Burns-Johnson offers three principles to help you design short-yet-meaningful microlearning experiences for your learners.

Training Sticks Better If You Add Microlearning

We live in a day and age where most things we could possibly need to know are just a few key strokes away. This has already had a major impact in the way we learn and process information. People are beginning to realize that traditional teaching methods are not as effective as alternatives.

Microlearning Should Be Mobile-first - Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media

Take cues from Pokémon GO, Snapchat and Instagram to reshape microlearning.

Mobile Learning: The Future of Training

In a mobile-first future, the problems faced by training managers will be entirely different. Find out what to expect in our brand new white paper!

Top 5 Tips for Producing Microlearning Videos

Introduction Today's guest post is written by Tom Spiglanin. He was one of the first in my network to identify, and embrace, the trend of micro videos for learning...or microlearning. He's a regular speaker and advocate for the production of shorter learning content. I'm very pleased he agreed to share his tips on producing microlearning. …

Microlearning: Strategy, Examples & Applications | eLearning Mind

What is microlearning? eLearning Mind explains the basics of microlearning, as well as strategy, examples, applications & more - read it our breakdown here.

Bite Size is the Right Size

Attention spans are dropping at the same time technology is advancing, leading to a digital
skills gap costing the U.S. economy $1.3 trillion annually in lost productivity (equivalent to a
loss of $10 million per 1,000 employees). Therefore there’s an ever-growing need for new
and better ways to teach, learn, and train the 21st century workforce – and microlearning is
the solution.

Dispelling the Five Myths of Microlearning | Training Industry

Microlearning has only been a buzzword in the training industry for the past few years. In that short amount of time, our business made it a priority to immerse ourselves in microlearning. We began building content differently and deployed microlearning training to over 10,000 learners across various industry segments.

What is Microlearning? - Mindflash Blog

Microlearning generally involves dissecting learning into “microscopic” learning bursts (typically 2-10 minutes each). Supporters say microlearning matches human brain processing capabilities, combating learner boredom, disengagement, and poor retention. Online training is well-suited to delivering microlearning, because it is easily spliced with web technologies, can be deployed on multiple devices, and can be pushed down to Read More

7 Micro-eLearning Techniques to Improve Performance - eLearning Industry

How To Use Micro-eLearning Techniques To Improve Your eLearning Course Design. Check 7 Micro-eLearning Techniques to Improve Performance.

Can I Use That Picture? How to Legally Use Copyrighted Images [Infographic]

What was once a web filled with code and scrolling text, the Internet is now the world’s largest conglomerate of images. And as visual content continues to rule, the number of images available online will only grow. But just because ...