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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 7.03-13.03.2017

Netflix Personal Trainer? Sure, Why Not!

Instead of just Netflix (chill, optional) or binge watching, there's another way. You can hack Netflix to become your personal trainer. for Google Docs lets you edit in Docs and publish in WordPress

As someone who writes on for a living, my two least favorite things about the platform are the inability to edit together with colleagues and the inconvenience of losing drafts to glitches. But fret no more: WordPress is making it easier to collaborate with colleagues and harder to lose work to bugs.

Mercedes-Benz's Most Ambitious Marketing Project Yet Is All About What It Means to Grow Up

Growing up has made some of those “rules” more obvious than perhaps they were at the age of 8. Some are obvious benchmarks of adulthood: Go to college. Get a job. Get married. Start a family.

HBO Made Fans Watch Ice Melt for 69 Minutes to Find Out When Season 7 of Game of Thrones Premieres

Most shows would just send out a press release or tweet announcing their season premiere date. But not Game of Thrones, which spent 69 minutes on Thursday afternoon melting a giant block of ice on Facebook Live—a stunt gone wrong, given that the livestream was interrupted twice and stretched for more than an hour—to learn that Season 7 of the show will debut on July 16.

indaHash wprowadza nowe narzędzie do dystrybucji materiałów wideo w social mediach - Wideo nie jest wyświetlane jako reklama, ani publikowane przez algorytm, a kampanie rozliczane będą w modelu CPV.

Pinterest’s Chrome extension now acts as your visual search engine for the web

Pinterest is giving its Chrome browser extension an artificial intelligence upgrade by integrating its visual search tool with the plug-in.

Spotify acquires audio detection startup Sonalytic

Streaming music service Spotify announced this morning it has acquired a company called Sonalytic, makers of an audio detection technology that can identify songs, mixed content and audio clips, as well as track copyright-protected material, and aid in music discovery. These features line up with services that Spotify offers, making Sonalytic a natural fit for the company.

Giphy quietly acquired imoji to build out its emoji and sticker business

Last week, GIF-finding platform Giphy revealed a new line of business offering artist-created stickers in Apple’s iMessage app. But what it didn’t announce was that it also made an acquisition to bolster this new sticker strategy. TechCrunch has learned and confirmed that Giphy quietly acquired imoji, a startup that had developed a popular platform for creators to build and distribute custom-made stickers and emoji to the messaging masses.

W jaki sposób marki świętowały Dzień Kobiet? 12 oryginalnych postów

Jakie marki przygotowały kreatywne posty z okazji Dnia Kobiet? Które firmy podeszły do tego tematu nieszablonowo? Przedstawiamy 12 ciekawych kreacji stworzonych z okazji dzisiejszego święta.

Mediacap przejmuje większościowy pakiet udziałów w TalentMedia - Przejęta firma to sieć partnerska zrzeszająca twórców publikujących na YouTube.

Measure Customer Satisfaction With Twitter Feedback by Sprout Social

Sprout's new Twitter Feedback workflow allows brands to gather customer satisfaction ratings & direct feedback through a simple, automated DM survey.

Anchor is like Snapchat stories for audio, and it’s delightful

A year ago, a pair of New York entrepreneurs released Anchor, an app for recording short-form audio snippets that they hoped would "democratize radio." "As popular as this medium is we feel it’s...

Instagram Stories now have geostickers, just like Snapchat

Taking yet another cue from the Snapchat playbook, Instagram now offers geostickers in its ephemeral Stories feature. It’s currently only live in two cities — Jakarta and New York City — and offers...

Flickr now lets you search for images based on visual similarity

Flickr today received a new update that will allow users to search for images based on visual similarity. Now, you’ll be able to pick an image from a search result and find more photos that share...

Twitter Trends luty 2017 - wiosna, ach, to (prawie) ty! - Sotrender Blog - Social media marketing tools for brands & ...

W lutym na Twitterze można zauważyć spore spadki aktywności - powodem może tu być zapewne coraz częstsze korzystanie z dobrodziejstw poprawiającej się pogo Social Media Marketing Blog.

Twitter is now expanding its analytics to include user-generated Moments

Twitter Moments now come with analytics to help users track the popularity of their stories on the web and mobile.

Oreo Flew 5 Giant Drones Over New York City to Recreate the Famous Milk Dunk

For its newest marketing stunt timed for National Oreo Day and the brand’s 105th birthday, Oreo put cookie costumes on five drones and flew them over the skyline. Dubbed the “Drone Dunk,” the drones dropped cookies into cups of milk set up on a barge alongside the East River. Per a statement from the brand, some cookies were dropped from the drones at the same height as the Statue of the Liberty, which for the record is 305 feet tall.

Pulse is the News Feed Twitch desperately needed

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YouTube Trends luty 2017

Luty był spokojniejszy niż styczeń na YouTube, ale i tak działo się wiele. Dowiedzcie się więcej z raportu YouTube Trends przygotowanego przez Sotrender!

Facebook Messenger’s PM director Martinazzi leaves after launching Day

Completing almost 8 years at Facebook, Director of Product Management Peter Martinazzi has left the company. His last product, Messenger Day, shipped on..

Facebook Releases New Research Report on the Power of Video Content

Facebook has released a new report which looks at the power of video and how it can grab attention on social networks. 

Facebook scores a deal to live stream Major League Soccer matches

As competition in the live streaming space heats up, Facebook has scored a significant deal that will allow it to stream at least 22 live Major League Soccer matches on its social network. Through a collaboration with both MLS and Univision Deportes, Facebook gained the rights to stream the 2017 MLS regular-season matches in English, as well as enhance the video content with various interactive elements.

Twitter’s Android app engineer is leaving for Twitch

The developer of a popular Android Twitter app is leaving the company. After working at the social media site for a year and a half, Joaquim Vergès announced that he is joining game video streaming...

Wizards of the Coast is releasing an official app to support your D&D campaign

Stacks of papers are a staple at any regular Dungeons & Dragons game, but Wizards of the Coast is finally offering a digital client to help gamers manage their characters. Today at PAX East, the c...