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Blogging Resources & Tech Stuff

All the love for SEO magic, stuff to help bloggers, ways to make some mighty moolahs online, gadgets and technology.


J5create USB 3.0 & HDMI Hub Review (Gimmick Gadget?) - Red Dot Geek

This is a review of the J5create USB 3.0 & HDMI Hub JUH450. Yes, this is a USB hub with an additional HDMI port. But is it really useful and worth buying?

Is Blogging Dead? (Some Tips for New Bloggers) - Red Dot Geek

Is blogging dead? This is the age-old question, and the answer is no... Not quite dead, but also not fully alive in a way. If you are looking to start a blog, read this guide first to find out more.

13 Ways to Speed Up WordPress (Non-Technical No Coding) - Red Dot Geek

Have a slow WordPress website? Want to speed it up? This guide will walk you through some non-technical, no coding required ways to speed up a WordPress website.

Make Money Blogging 101 (Complete Beginner's Guide) - Red Dot Geek

So you want to know how to make money blogging? This complete beginners series will walk you right through the steps of setting up a blog, writing articles, to various ways of making money off it.

15 Android Emulators for PC (That are FREE) - Red Dot Geek

Looking to put Android on the big screen? Here is a list of Android Emulators for the PC that you can download and use for free.

How to Get Free Organic Traffic (20 Actionable Tips) - Red Dot Geek

How to get free organic traffic? In this step-by-step guide, I share some of my white hat ninja SEO tactics, no rocket science involved.

11 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginner Bloggers - Red Dot Geek

Just began blogging and not sure about which affiliate program to join? This guide gives you a list of affiliate programs you can try, and also some quick tips.

How to Write Awesome Blog Posts (3 Parts Secret Ninja Formula) - Red Dot Geek

The key to a successful blog is to create awesome content that your readers love. How do we do that? This guide will walk you through the secret ninja formulas on how to write blog posts.

AnyCast M4 Plus Review (Good Chromecast Alternative?) - Red Dot Geek

The AnyCast M4 is a wireless video streaming dongle that is also a Google Chromecast clone. While it is much cheaper but is it any good? Is this a good Chromecast alternative? Find out in this review.

9 Free Email Services (No Phone Verification) - Red Dot Geek

Is it not creepy for email providers to ask for your phone number? Here is a list of free email services that you can sign-up with no phone requirements

How to Choose a Niche for Your Blog (Passion over Profits!) - Red Dot Geek

There are many things that you can blog about these days, which niche topic should you go into? This guide will walk you through the considerations for choosing a good niche and not burn yourself out.

9 TOTALLY FREE Online Infographic Makers - Red Dot Geek

Is it not irritating when you cannot download infographics that you have created? This list of free online infographic makers details websites that offer free downloads.

12 Online Logo Makers that are FREE! - Red Dot Geek

Is it not annoying when online logo makers ask you to pay to download a logo? Here is a list of sites that I have visited, screened, and offered FREE downloads.

9 Powerful Ideas to Monetize a Website - Red Dot Geek

Money sure does not rain from the sky. So how do we make money from a website? This guide will give you some good ideas on how to monetize a website.

18 Tips on Getting Google Adsense Approval - Red Dot Geek

Having trouble with Google Adsense Approval? This guide will give you some good tips on getting the thumbs up for your Adsense account.

24 Surefire Content Writing Tips for Beginners - Red Dot Geek

New to content writing? This content writing tips for beginners guide will give you all the good stuff, lay the foundations, and how to create compelling articles.

How to Setup a Wordpress Website (2018 update) - Red Dot Geek

This guide will walk you through how to create a WordPress website, step-by-step. Written by a web developer, you will have a spanking full-fledged website by the time you finish this guide!

DIY Hydroponics from Recycled Bottles - Grow Your Own Food! - Red Dot Geek

This guide will walk you through how to build an own easy DIY hydroponics rig with recycled bottles, step-by-step. Using the Kratky method, this rig is also low maintenance - Growing your own food should not be a difficult process that takes up a lot of time.

Solar Power Basics - Shrink your Electricity Bill! - Red Dot Geek

This guide will walk you through on the basics of a solar power system - Solar panels, batteries, and charge controllers. Learn how to build one yourself, produce electricity and shrink your bills!

Niche Moolah Review - Red Dot Geek

This ruthlessly honest Niche Moolah review digs deep to reveal the hidden secrets. Is it legit or scam? Read more to find out in this review.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Red Dot Geek

Wealthy Affiliate - is it legit or scam? Read to find out, as I dive deep into this program to give you an honest Wealthy Affiliate review.

Ninja SEO Content Writing Tips - Red Dot Geek

This guide will reveal the SEO content writing tips and tricks to you. Content is king, and the king is even better with good writing strategies.

4 Steps Keyword Research Guide for Beginners - Red Dot Geek

Not sure how to do keyword research in SEO? In this beginners guide, we will walk you through a simple 4 steps system to do it properly.

An Introduction to SEO for Beginners - Red Dot Geek

What is search engine optimization (SEO)? What is it used for, and why is it so important? This introduction to SEO will walk you through the basics.

How to Get Spikes of Organic Traffic for Free - Red Dot Geek

How to get organic traffic for free? I share my tactics in this step-by-step guide, all white hat, no rocket science required.