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Endangered Animals in North America

These resources are great for teaching students about endangered animals. This resources would be great for conducting a PBL project with your class.

North America’s most rare species in pictures

This National Geographic post includes rare photos of some of North America's rarest animals. Each photo includes facts about the animal. Some of the animals are already extinct. The animals were part of Joe Sartore's photo collection entitled Rare: Portraits of America's Endangered Species.

Uncertainty in Population Estimates for Endangered Animals and Improving the Recovery Process

A report of the uncertainty in population estimates of recovery data for endangered animals in the United States. The report highlights the importance of improving the confidence of accurate population numbers when reporting on endangered species to improve their recovery rate.

The Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act

The Bald Eagle represents the United States and is legally protected. The site discusses the protection act of the Bald and Golden Eagles. It is explains how misidentification of the Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle lead to the protection of both.

Endangered Species | Species | U.S. Species

This site is part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services. The site breaks down endangered species into vertebrates and invertebrates. The site also includes flowering and nonflowering plants. The link includes the scientific name and facts for each endangered species.


This resource provides the top animals that are threatened by the growth of the human population. It discusses how each animal has been impacted by habitat loss in the United States.

Earth's Endangered Creatures - by Country, Region, Area, Island, Etc

This website allows you to search specific species that are endangered in specific regions. It also allows you to click a link to information about a specific species that is endangered.

North America’s Most Endangered Animals

A picture and brief explanation of the top ten animals across North America that are most in danger of extinction.

Nature Reserves

This resource provides an explanation of the existence and history of National Parks. The article discusses the importance of national parks to the preservation of endangered animals and habitats. The site also includes a future plan for creating more national parks as sanctuaries for endangered animals.




The article covers extinction and how it happens, as well as the need to protect the endangered animals of the United States. The article reviews the different agencies and services in place to protect the endangered species. Links are included to each agency website.

New Report Highlights 10 Wild Places Saved by Endangered Species Protections

The article discusses how the Endangered Species act has revitalized some of America's preserved landscapes. The article explains how the act not only saved the animals it was meant to protect, but their habitats as well. Ten success stories across the United States are highlighted and their accomplishments in creating a sanctuary for animals and nature.