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05 Ayurvedic tips to Stay Fit and Healthy – Enjoy the Benefits

If you think Ayurveda is a difficult path to follow think again. These simple age old tips when incorporated into daily routines will keep the entire family healthy and glowing with the best of nature


Warm Water infused with Lemon – On Waking

Drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed into it; first thing in the morning. The acidic qualities of lemon help clear your digestive track while eliminating toxins. Helping all passages of the body to function easily, this drink aids with one of Ayurveda’s basic requirements which are keeping the free flow of all channels. Besides as we all know lemon contains many minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to overall health.


Time to Scrape Your Tongue

According to the laws of Ayurveda, the quality of our tongue is a reflection of overall health. Make it a practice to check your tongue on waking. A pink colour denotes a healthy body while a whitish tongue covered in fuzz or indentations of your teeth signify undigested food from the night before and the presence of toxins in your body. There are Ayurveda juices that assist in clearing these toxins while a stint at a holistic centre helps. Vedas at Siddhalepa Resorts, Spas & Hospital advice those following a holistic approach to health indulge in the practice of scraping the tongue. Tongue scrapers are available at most health stores or use a stainless steel spoon. With this device, gently scrape your tongue about seven times to clean it.


Enjoy a Green Smoothie at Breakfast

Plenty of recipes for green smoothies are available; a typical Ayurveda approach would be to look for seasonal ingredients. For example, if its fall you would be experiencing the dry, rough, cold and light qualities of nature; a green smoothie at this time should be made with ingredients that steer away from these characteristics. At this time of year, you could make a smoothie with bananas, romaine lettuce, apple, dates, ginger root, chia seeds and almonds. These could be well blended using stevia for sweetness or some peppy spices for more energy. Practising Ayurveda Sri Lanka style will leave you with plenty of options for delicious and healthy smoothies made with the lushest fruits, spices and local greens.


Consider the Six Tastes of Ayurveda Cooking

There are six tastes in Ayurveda; salty, sweet, sour, astringent, bitter and pungent. These flavours help clear various dosha for instance if its fall enhances the sweet, salty and sour flavours in food. Fall signifies dry, cold, rough and light qualities in the environment; adding these flavours help you steer clear of these qualities in food thus creating a healthy balance. Fruits can include mango, coconut and peaches while vegetables such as peas and corn add sweetness. Sour flavours come from green grapes, lime, lemon and plums.


Consider the Benefits of an Oil Massage

An oil massage works wonders on the body. It relaxes the nervous system, removes impurities from the blood stream and rejuvenates the skin. Each dosha has a specific oil such as sesame and almond oil for vata or coconut and olive oil for pitta and grapeseed and sunflower oil for kapha. The oils must always be organic cold pressed varieties.

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