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The Future of Classroom Training is Strong

'The classroom is still king in terms of spending, despite ever-increasing options that are seen as more effective.” This is one of the top findings in Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Training Benchmarking Study.   Instructor-led Training Lives On The death of instructor led training has been greatly exaggerated. There is more than one report that has …

The 3 Stages of Customer Training Development | Skilljar

Learn about three stages of customer training development, from the early stages to a well-established training program.

5 Reasons You Need To Curate Content For Continuous Learning - eLearning Industry

Want to know why you need to curate content for Continuous Learning? Check 5 reasons why you need to curate content for Continuous Learning.

No evidence to back idea of learning styles | Letter

Letter: Neuromyths create a false impression of individuals’ abilities, leading to expectations and excuses that are detrimental to learning in general

Want to be Great at Something? You Need to Embrace Failure

We’ve all heard the stories of great people who failed before they succeeded. Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team, J.K. Rowling was living on welfare before she wrote Harry Potter, Steven Spielberg was rejected from USC’s film school three times, etc.

The Importance of an Employee-Centric Learning Strategy

Until recently, learning was primarily a compliance exercise, leading to poor information retention. Improve results by tailoring the experience to your employees

Gen Z is Entering the Workplace - How Good Is Your Emoji?

Gen Z is global in their thinking and relatability. Think YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Kik, Periscope & Tinder. How good is your emoji?

The Disruption of Digital Learning: Ten Things We Have Learned

Digital learning is here: what are the ten trends to make sense of this new landscape?

Types of Professionals Who ALWAYS Struggle With Their Career

The majority of almost every generation in the workforce is living for the weekend. It’s gotten so bad, that people get into work on Monday morning and they are planning their Friday night before t…

Four Steps to Globalizing Your eLearning Program by Lionbridge : Publications Library

Expanding into new countries and cultures helps your company become more competitive and relevant in a growing world economy. But it also presents new challenges for training an increasingly multicultural workforce. By creating a globalization strategy...

Why is global learning important in 2017?

Learn how to deliver learning to global audiences and integrate blended learning in delivering effective learning solutions on an international scale.