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The Future of Learning

What Learning Will Look Like in 2035

We're living through a revolution in how human beings learn and develop. We're two decades into the 'anyone can learn anything' era and it's translating ...

The Future of Classroom Training is Strong

'The classroom is still king in terms of spending, despite ever-increasing options that are seen as more effective.” This is one of the top findings in Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Training Benchmarking Study.   Instructor-led Training Lives On The death of instructor led training has been greatly exaggerated. There is more than one report that has …

How to Succeed in the Future State of Learning and Development

An accurate and inspirational quote by Brian Tracy: “It doesn’t matter
where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going.”

4 Online Learning Trends That Will Impact the Future of Corporate Learning

Employee development, individualized learning, mobile learning, and big data are the four trends highlighted here in this blog post. According to Topyx, these four are shaping the future of corporate learning into something beautiful.

2017 Anatomy of a Trend

A trend is something a lot of other people are doing, or are aspiring to do but with superficial intentions. On the other hand, a meaningful trend—i.e., a beneficial innovation—is one that is connected to your audience and your needs and serves a more strategic purpose.

VR learning — potential as far as the eye can see

Developer Fabio explores the boundless new frontiers VR learning can offer, and which of these we should really be getting excited about.

Is Mixed Reality the Future of EdTech? Fireside Chat at START Summit

Fireside Chat: Alice Bonasio and Alex Yakubov explores the applications of Mixed Reality (MR) Technology for Education and Training

10 Trends That Are Reshaping EdTech - The Edvocate

Trend usually implies that something is short term, like a one-hit wonder on the radio, but when we talk about educational technology, these trends are here to not only stay, but grow. While it is hard to choose the most important educational technology trends, we did our best to craft this list of ten. Using a LMS Learning management systems make online learning really easy and affordable and allow teachers flexibility with creating lessons and tests. On the other hand, kids can access content at any moment, which is handy when they need to miss school and catch up. Wearable …

E-learning Trends 2017

According to Exult, these six trends are the ones to watch out for this year. App-based learning, microlearning, videos, mobile, gamification, and AR/VR.