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List of Peaks in Kowloon – 8 Legendary Dragons

The 8 peaks of Kowloon represent the 8 legendary dragons that lent the Peninsula its name. Linked to each other most peaks are well laid out with interconnecting hiking trails and stunning views.


Kowloon Peak

Kowloon belongs to the new territory; the tallest mountain in the region is Kowloon Peak. Standing at a height of 1975 feet Fei Ngo Shan as it is locally known sits on the northeast corner within Ma On Shan Country Park. Two trails cross the peak; these are Wilson Trail and MacLehose Trail. Closer to the base of the mountain is Gilwell Campsite which belongs to the Scout Association of Hong Kong offering camping in the wild around Kowloon Peak. From a point close to the campsite you are rewarded with stunning views across Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.


Tung Shan

Translated the name means East Mountain; it is a peak that sits between Kowloon Peak and Tate's Cairn. Tung Shan is 554 metres high and is part of the trail crossing Kowloon Peak. Beautiful scenery awaits you here with plenty of grassy fields and expansive views making up the impressive landscape.


Tates Cairn

Standing at a height of 583 metres Tates Cairn sits between Wong Tai Sin and Shatin. Belonging to the Kowloon Ridge this peak is home to some iconic buildings consisting of Tates Cairn Radar Station, Tates Cairn Meteorological Station and the Kowloon Police Station. A hot spot for soaking up the sun and enjoying stunning views, this hill which is part of the Kowloon ridge is a major tourist attraction easily accessed from hotels in Kowloon Hong Kong. The Kowloon Range is accessed via Fen Ngo Shan Road.


Temple Hill

Also known as Tsz Wan Shan is located between the New Territories and New Kowloon. Part of the Kowloon Ridge it stands at a height of 488 metres. At the base of the peaks south section, you will find a collection of temples as well as the Tsz Wan Shan residential district. To the north are villages while Sha Tin Pass is located between Temple Hill and Unicorn Ridge.


Unicorn Ridge

Unicorn Ridge sits next to Temple Hill – Tsz Wan Shan. Famous Sha Tin Pass sits between this ridge and Temple Hill. It is a must take on a hike for all nature lovers. Kowloon located within walking distance of Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong is well known for the dragon peaks and walking trails. Amazing scenery and birds eye views across the city are promised from the summit of these peaks. You can take on hiking trails or opt to spend a night at one of the mountain campsites.


Lion Rock

Lion rock Hill sits between Kowloon Tong in Kowloon and Tai Wai in the New Territories. The peak is 495 metres high and is a beautiful granite hill with sparse vegetation. The name denotes the shape of the rock which is that of a crouching lion, best observed from San Po Kong and Choi Hung. There is a hiking trail reaching the top of the lion's head and if continued further links you to the MacLehose Trail. From the summit, you can enjoy marvellous views of Hong Kong City and island.


Beacon Hill

Located to the north of the Peninsula Beacon Hill stands at a height of 457 metres. It is the 65th highest recorded hill in Hong Kong. It is situated within the Lions Rock Country Park.


Crow's Nest

This hill is located to the north of So Uk in Cheung Sha Wan; it peaks at 194 metres. To the eastern edge of the hill 3 private housing estates are located while the western slope is dedicated to agriculture.