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Headline for Extreme adventure sports in Abu Dhabi- Where the fearless shine
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Extreme adventure sports in Abu Dhabi- Where the fearless shine

Extreme sports in Dubai is slowly becoming a favourite pastime with more people opting for more adrenaline-packed activities than football or golf. Here are some daring sports to try out. 💪




A longboard skateboard, on a downhill ride. Photographer: Thomas Hirsch / User:Ravn Date: 03.04.2005 {{GFDL}}{{CC-BY-SA}} via Wikimeida Commons

You might be prone to confusing longboarding with skateboarding but in truth, this sports activity uses a far different board that's longer, bigger and wider than an average skateboard.

The wheels on the board create a smooth ride, firm on the road which makes it ideal for a cruise or even going lengthy distances. Longboarders are driven by nothing else but a passion for extreme adventures.

Taking a ride on one of these boards can relieve stress; the scenery becomes a blur when you're whizzing past it at 130 kilometres per hour. Taking up an extreme sport involves certain challenges and broken bones and road rash are some possibilities.

To ensure safety, boarders wear protective gear- elbow pads, knee pads and helmet. There are many places boarders might take to around Abu Dhabi such as the fantastic Corniche beach which offers good conditions for longboarding.




By Loupiot77 (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

This essentially combines watersports paragliding, wakeboarding, surfing & windsurfing. Surfers experience complete freedom on the water. 🏄

The kitesurfer is guided by the wind to discover and travel the ocean. First-timers are advised to start with a trainer kite off shore before they go any further into the sea.

After they feel adept at using the kite, they can move on to gliding with the guidance of a surfer instructor who will teach them how to use the kit in the water.

It is important to learn the safety techniques since an understanding of the weather can even protect surfers from dangerous situations. Kitesurfers usually ground themselves in the skills of handling gear in case a sudden problem arises. Abu Dhabi has quite a few places for kitesurfing. The beaches of Yas Island and Al Dabiya are popular amongst active surfers.

It is always a good to read and gather information of what thrills you can experience in the region and websites such as The Adventure Travel Site give travellers ample information.




vdigitalspain [CC BY 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Most parkour athletes (traceurs) say that when you strip parkour down to the basics, it is the skill of moving from one point to another while dodging objects in your path as fast and as proficiently as possible.

The sport is captivating to watch yet rather difficult to learn. Grasping the runs, jumps, vaults, swings, climbs and rolls takes time but can make any landscape seem like a big playground for experienced athletes.

The word parkour is of French origin (parcours) which directly means "the way through" or "the path". The sport is much more than the shock value and rather about testing your own boundaries and surpassing them.

Illegal stuntmen could encourage young ones to do the same so it is important for all enthusiasts to not forget the true meaning of the sport. Khalifa Park in Abu Dhabi is a favourite place for traceurs to practice their art. There are classes every week for youngsters of ages 7 through 15.