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Little Known but Unique Places to Visit in Sri Lanka – Discover an Island Unspoilt

Forget the touristy propaganda; delve deep into the folds of the island paradise and be rewarded with sights, sounds and experiences of an age old paradise still lost in the sands of time.


Trekking across the Gorgeous Knuckles Range

Trekking across the Gorgeous Knuckles Range

By Astronomyinertia (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL via Wikimedia Commons

Paradise of the Central Province the wild confines of Knuckles Range can be reached from the hill capital Kandy. Known in entirety to only a privileged few the mountains harbouring mini cloud forests, shy leopards, purple-faced langur monkeys, a huge variety of birds and giant squirrels is a treat to explore on foot. You may find details on guides and types of treks at Well Known Places and blogs by nature lovers in awe of all that Knuckles Range has to offer. 🍃


Take the Scenic Route from Kandy to Ella – A Train Ride like no Other

Take the Scenic Route from Kandy to Ella – A Train Ride like no Other

Photo by Rowan Heuvel via Unsplash

Probably one of the most scenic train rides in South Asia the slow train from Kandy to Ella is a marvellous reward. Your experience of the island, its treasures and simplicity will be lasting memories. Hop aboard relax and enjoy the views. Blue-tinged hills are dotted with the colourful cloth capped heads of tea plucker's working in the fields and little kids will eagerly run along the train and wave as you pass rustic little villages hidden in the hills. Hail a passing vendor and munch on a pack of spicy peanuts – Sri Lankan style and watch out for those little birds that manage to flit in and out of your moving train. Marvel at sights of lush waterfalls, green valleys and misty hills. Enjoy the thrill of passing through dark mountain tunnels and snooze as your train gently chugs along the winding track.


Go for a Swim on the East Coast

Go for a Swim on the East Coast

Pigeon Island near Trincomalee in Sri Lanka By Dschen Reinecke (photo taken by Dschen Reinecke) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

When making a list of Sri Lanka places to visit the east coast must certainly be added. Inaccessible for many a decade due to the now-ended civil war, the place is a treasure chest to be discovered. Unlike the popularised touristy resorts along the South coast, the eastern beaches are quieter, isolated and beautiful. Sit on a powdery white sand beach and marvel at sights of a shimmering Indian Ocean. From the beach, you can take off on a snorkelling tour to be rewarded with sights of coral and small fish. The sea is remarkably shallow and quite inviting for a swim. You just may spot a few whales or dolphins off the coast and enjoy incredibly stunning and serene surroundings, especially around the lesser known beaches of Passikuda.


Explore Galkadawala – The Islands Best Kept Secret

One of the best flavours of island life awaits you at Galkadawala. Mind you this is strictly for wanderers eager to take off the beaten path and explore the folds of hidden villages. Galkadawala is located just off Habarana in the north-central province. This is a forest lodge built by a dreamer. The owner quitting her job in Colombo set up the eco-lodge built out of recycled material. The house sits beside the lake attracting all manner of wildlife; especially colourful little birds and cheeky squirrels. The landscape is made up of a small forest, lush paddy fields and the typical savannah-like scrub of the area. Swim or kayak on the village lake and return to an utterly delicious home cooked meal; made from fresh ingredients straight out of the garden.