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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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5 major types of golf balls

Thinking of picking up golf on holiday while in Malaysia? Well, you'd better do your homework then! Here're five types of golf balls that you can choose from.



These are your most basic variation of golf ball, and the one that will cost you the least. They are created from a material called Surlyn and are rather soft. As a novice, this is the one you should go for as they last for a long time. You will also find that crazy and miniature golf courses, as well as driving ranges, use this type of ball. If you play golf in Malaysia, you'll likely find that golf courses such as The Els Club Malaysia use this variety of ball to teach beginners.



Two-piece balls aren't soft like one-piece balls. They are harder as they have a strong, cut-proof outer shell. Although the relatively hard nature of the ball allows players to whack this ball out over a larger distance, the same characteristic also makes it harder to control, making this variety of ball unpopular with golfers who are new to the game.



These 3-layer balls are softer than their 2-layer counter parts which gives players better control over their trajectory. This is also the least sophisticated ball that will allow players to experience significant spin separation.



This is one of the softest types of golf balls you'll find. The extra middle cover layer that it posses in comparison with the three-piece ball, enables it to cover a longer distance as well as giving it a mid iron spin. The shell or outermost later has around three hundred to four hundred dimples, is made from Urethane and is very soft to the touch. The dimples on a gold ball help minimize the surface area of the ball that is exposed to air, which in turn reduces the frictional air forces, or drag on it, thereby letting it cover a longer distance. A golf ball with dimples would cover a much larger area than one without any.



This golf ball offers all the advantage of the lesser-layered ones, and more! It is therefore not surprising that this is generally the most expensive type of golf ball there is on the market.


Mid, Low and High Spin

The spin provided by a golf ball is another thing that is important to consider when choosing a ball to play with. The general rule is that the cheaper the ball the less spin it can help you create, and the more expensive the ball, the more of a spin effect you can get out of it. This is because the materials that are used to make the layers in them help create this effect. Being able to get a good amount of spin out of your golf shot may determine whether you win or lose the game. It can mean the difference between whether your swing lands the ball near the hole or in the pond that's just off to the left.

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