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Updated by Bruce Radcliffe Wilson on Mar 12, 2019
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Manage Your Blood Pressure (Without Medicine)

Two days after I picked up the _Hydrochlorothiazide HCTZ _ my Doctor had prescribed to manage my blood pressure, I was impotent. Zero . . .Nada . . .Zip was happening down there. Of course, my marital life flashed before my eyes.

So after some serious research, I developed a plan, then, trashed the Hydrochlorothiazide HCTZ, and proceeded to reduce my Blood Pressure.

How I turned everything around (and I mean everything) is a story worth reading.

This article tells the five simple things you can change to completely eliminate your High Blood Pressure and restore your stallion-like love life (if you know what I mean).

I looked into the mirror and admitted it: I'm just NOT going to kill myself this way! So take these steps as a guide ...

#I MUST take my own blood pressure every day before I eat, or drink anything. That means I must buy a blood pressure cuff (These days they cost as little as $27.00) and keep it at my favorite chair. So that means that I must wake up, "pee". wash my hands (always!) sit in my chair and take my blood pressure. . . every day, rain or shine, home or away, happy or sad. At first, this will seem time-consuming , but after I learned how to use the thing, it became a snap. This initial reading, whatever it was to be, became my baseline. With the other things I did, It was exciting to see my progress every day. And that brings us to step #2


To ensure performance and track progress. I had to have some way to record everything I did (Good and Bad) every day

To ensure performance and track progress. I had to have some way to record everything I did (Good and Bad) every day

#I was very serious . . .and you should be too! HBP is serious and a major killer. So it is absolutely necessary to develop an Excel spreadsheet (I really don't like those wrist bands. For me, they are not personal, and w-a-a-a-y too commercial). Create your own and you build in the obligation to adhere to your own program. Insert your own criteria. THIS IS NOT A VIDEO GAME!. Weeks later, you will be able to see where you started and where you have come. In three years, I lost 46 pounds and brought my BP down to slightly below the standard "Normal"' range. If you want me to develop your tracking sheet, email me and for a small fee, I will.. . .And make it self-calculating so that you can see at a glance, how must you have improved.


You've got to have a decent bathroom scale (As you get older, you will appreciate one with large letters!). . .So you...

You've got to have a decent bathroom scale (As you get older, you will appreciate one with large letters!). . .So you...

No matter what they say, you will not lower your blood pressure if you don't lose weight! So that has to come right along with everything else we will talk about here. But is is truly surprising how easy it is . . .If you approach it properly. I am definitely NOT an advocate of the "Biggest Loser" approach to self flagellation. I believe it to be foolish,trite,_ pseudo-reality TV_, and never lasts. I am a long term, alternately successful member of Weight-Watchers, and learned much of my method from "Falling-off-the-Weight-Watchers Wagon" a few times. I think it's the "Maintenance" approach I don't like. I believe you should begin as though you are already at your goal, rather than having to change later on.There are well established easy steps to take, and I will just mention a few as we go along. You do not have to deprive yourself to get back under control . . . .but you DO have to establish and maintain control.


The absolute worse possible behavior that causes overweight and high Blood Pressure, and obviously overweight is eati...

I made and stuck to this single permanent commitment for one year, and lost more weight than I ever thought possible! If you should take it on (and you should), as soon as you begin, cut every meal, snack, dessert, drink, that you consume into a size that is one half of what you had been eating. And continue this for life. . . .No maintenance program here. Start out as you plan to finish, and your success will be ingrained within months. And in small steps, change the foods you eat to some of those "healthy" foods that you don't really like a lot, but can stand. If you like pasta, reduce the amount by 1/2, and don't eat it every day. If you do this for a month, you will find that you can modify your diet, weight and blood pressure without eliminating happiness.

I will get into greater detail on this in future articles but for now, I do not want to be accused of "preaching".

Recalling that people in China often live and even work in the fields into their hundreds, I wondered what they do that we don't. This led me to the topic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, where I found that the Chinese people had been having many of the problems we are having and solved them more than 6,000 years ago. So, through my acupuncturist, I sought out those things they use, and began using the. To avoid being accused of "Practicing Medicine Without a License", I placed a link on my website at_ . Please visit us and click on the "secret" products I use. I will be talking about these products in much greater detail as we go along.

I will be revising this topic on a regular basis, so keep an eye out for more articles. Incidentally, I also invite your comments on this article . . . and our page.