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Festivals in Guangzhou – City of Many Traditions

Old traditions are well preserved and adhered to in Guangzhou. Traditional festivals are a marvellous reflection of the city's cultural inheritance and vary on themes and customs.


The Mid-Autumn Festival of Guangzhou

Celebrated in September this festival comprises of hanging lanterns, consuming delicious river snails, bathing under moonlight and worshiping the moon. Lanterns designed in shapes of fruits, animals and insects are made and hung outside the homes of Guangzhou. Smaller lanterns are made and hung amongst the bigger lights which are lit up with candles. The higher the lanterns are hung the bigger the luck it brings in. River snails are the official food of this festival and cooked with medicinal herbs as means of warding off the strong smells. The moon is worshipped with the burning of josh sticks and offerings of food while moon bathing is a tradition observed by infertile women praying for beautiful babies.


Guangzhou's Spring Festival and Flower Fair

Guangzhou resplendent with many green spaces and colourful gardens in nicknamed the 'Flower City'. The Spring Festival paying homage to these beautiful blooms welcomes a large number of visitors both local and foreign. The flower fair commences three days before the spring festival with street corners decorated with sweet smelling blossoms and colourful tangerines. It's tradition in Guangzhou to gift flower baskets on special occasions with many flower markets located throughout the city being the best venues to observe festivities. Liwan Road Market just 10kms from Ascott Guangzhou stocks a range of blossoms as well as calligraphy, decorations and pricey items like paintings and gourmet tea.


Polo Birth Temple Festival Fair

This is a folk fair that boasts a 1000-year-old history. Polo is a folk craft; a paper chicken bought by everyone visiting the temple fair. As per ancient myth, the Polo chicken was endowed with magical powers and legend has it that every 100,000 chicken will come alive and crow at sunrise. Whoever poses this magical Polo will be rewarded with great riches. Visit the temple nearest to your Guangzhou apartment buy a paper chicken and be a part of this happy folk festival.


Guangzhou Lotus Flower Festival

Celebrated on Lotus Blossom Hill in August this is a festival for all lovers of nature. The Fanyu District is best to experience this beautiful festival for the region is home to lakes, ponds and sculpted waterways. About 280 varieties of lotus blossoms are displayed totalling to about 15,000 flowers. Spectators gather at the parks to witness the blossoming of the flowers while Lotus Blossom Hill home to the ancient Lianhua Pagoda is where festivities really kick off.


Christmas in Guangzhou

Christmas is one of the popular festivals celebrated in Guangzhou. It is more a time for friends and family to come together with little religious aspect to it. Christmas shopping is the biggest lure with Tianhe District being the most popular for picking up all manner of bargains. Remember to reserve January 1st for a bargain shopping spree.