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List of water sports activities in Langkawi - Making a splash In Maldives' best

Malaysia is a place where you will find the most heavenly beaches and lagoons but even more so is its water sports which you can find in galore should you visit Langkawi Island.



This a rather popular place for thrilling watersport activities and while most beach hotels do offer watersports, it is Langkawi Island in which parasailing is best experienced. With regard to tour operators, it is best to go with authorised persons to have a smooth sailing experience (pun intended). A ride usually takes two to three people in one go and is around ten minutes long though the complete trip takes close to thirty minutes. The adrenaline rush you feel is one that cannot be described but simply needs to be experienced. You will be taken up as high as 500 feet over the sea and when you land back in the waiting boat safely, you will definitely be wanting to experience that thrill all over again.


Scuba diving

Scuba diving here in Langkawi is probably something to cross off your bucket list. The beautiful Andaman Sea with its turquoise waters, provides perfect conditions for taking a much anticipated dip in the deep waters of the island. Do not worry if you do not know how to swim because there are many beginner swimming lessons offered by experienced scuba divers determined to teach you the skills so that you may too experience the wonders of the underwater world. Newbies are given utmost guidance with even one-to-one attention so that they feel as safe as ever till they finally make it to the big plunge. Scuba divers can enjoy the best visibility between the months of November and April where they can see stretches of coral reefs, rock formations on the seabed and of course the many different species of marine life up to 45 metres. Amongst the aquatic animals, you can see are the white shark, Manta sting ray and the large reef fishes which roam the waters frequently.



When it comes to snorkelling, anyone of any age is welcome to try out this incredibly fun watersport activity. With its blue waters, magnificent beaches and just the right water temperature, Andaman Sea is truly the best location for taking a thrilling snorkelling adventure. Who can forget its shallow bed of coral which is only more to snorkel in Langkawi. Long as you can catch a couple of speedboats and catamarans for transportation, you'll be able to get to the island safely and easily. There is much to see and do here like feeding the sharks, picnicking on the beach, sunbathing, having a small BBQ and maybe just appreciating the amazing sights and landscape with your trusty camera. All this you can do in between your snorkelling jaunts. Resorts in Langkawi offer guests the chance to take part in watersports activities like snorkelling and hotels such as Berjaya Langkawi Resort are places to look out for.


Jet skiing

Langkawi resorts offer jet skiing excursions which are ideal for thrill-seekers. If you are an adrenaline junkie who just loves being in the water then this fun watersport activity is for you. Lanngkawi offers you many different options for jet skiing which ranges from one hour to four hours but whatever ride you choose, you will be taken around more than 20 islands in the Andaman Sea's gorgeous sparkling waters. You can also go a few rounds on the freshwater lake of Pregnant Maiden Island, stop over at your favourite beach for food and drinks, watch birds at Singa Besar Island, sightsee at Malay islands and visit mangrove forests.

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