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Water Falls Around Kalutara District - Mighty Cascades of the West

Kalutara is a haven for gorgeous waterfalls. You will find around twenty beautiful waterfalls in this region and while only a few of them are popular, they are terribly alluring.


Thudugala Ella

Located in close proximity to AVANI Kalutara Resort and other holiday spots lies this waterfall of height eight metres. The intricacy here is beautiful; the further you go up the water stream, you may find a collection of smaller falls. Thadugala Ella is one of the more famous waterfalls of the cascades in this area. There are also a couple of places in the fall where you could bathe.


Rajamaruna Ella

Literature says that the waterfall actually hides a cave behind it which can be seen only during the driest of seasons. The tale goes on that a regional leader sought refuge in this cave during this particular time because he feared the King Weediya Bandara. It is for this reason that the waterfall is named thus. Travellers can take a refreshing bath in a few bathing places here.


Ahasbokku Ella/Kabaragoidola Ella

Named Ahasbokku because of the Ahasbokkuwa Bridge which stands nearby, it is thirty metres in height and travellers can find many bathing places as they travel further down the waterfall. It is easily one of the most stunning waterfalls you could lay your eyes on. It is possible to go straight to the top of the waterfall though you would have to make your way down by cutting through a patch of jungle beside the footpath. By the time you return to your serene Kalutara resort, you will be in utter bliss and your camera reel filled with beautiful memories.


Makeli Ella

When it comes to the Makeli waterfall, this is one that is relatively easy to reach and explore given that there are hardly any turns and it is close by to the main road. Hence it is no surprise that the waterfall gets a lot of attraction from tourists. You can witness the waterfall from an observation point but bathing here and further down in the river is not encouraged. The cascade got its name from the fact that King Weediya Bandara had frolicked in its waters before he went to war. Another cool feature about Makeli is the pool that can be found at the very top.


Ginigedara Ella

Ginigedara is known by those who have witnessed its beauty by the strange way it flows. Travellers who visit here often take videos of this eerily interesting fall. It is also possible to bathe here quite safely and during the holidays, the waters are filled with travellers looking for a splash. While it is not as popular as other falls in the region, the tranquil ambience of the crashing waters into to the cave bottom makes its stand out from others. Getting here is a bit tricky as far as a fifty metre forest trek goes but once you reach you'll be able to check in at a rubber estate and even learn how rubber is collected from the trees there.

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