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Things Needed to Try Kayaking – Be Prepared

If you're holidaying in Abu Dhabi and like water-based activities, kayaking is something you must try out. Before you do, however, here are some basic kayaking tips it would be useful to know.



Your kayaking outfit is likely to change depending on whether you are planning on going kayaking in the winter or summer months. In the summer months, the clothes you wear don't have to be anything special. The main thing to remember to keep with you would be rain-proof clothing such as a raincoat or other waterproof clothing, just in case the weather takes an unlikely turn for the worst. Similarly, although during the warmer seasons it is unlikely you will need a change of clothing, accidents can always happen, so if you want to be prepared, do carry an extra change if clothes with you. Clothes are more likely to dry off quickly in the heat, however, so getting wet may not be that big of a problem, especially if it's a fairly short kayaking trip. In contrast, dressing up for winter kayaking is a whole different ballgame due to the cold weather, and it is advisable to wear materials like fleece which will keep you warm, even when wet, and which remain light even if you get water on them.



Don't forget your shades!It is important to wear protective eyewear all year round in the UAE, especially when you know you are going to be outside in the sun all day doing an activity such as kayaking. You don't particularly need any fancy sunglass specialised just for kayaking. Your normal pair will do, however, it is advisable that it is polarized and protects you from UV rays. Polarized ones also help you see better both above and through the surface of the river or mangrove you may be kayaking in, as they reduce the amount of glare your eyes face overall. One thing, though, is that you might want to get a strap or something similar to secure the glasses to your face so that you don't lose them in the event you fall into the water or brush past overhanging tree stems. If your sunglasses don't have anything that'll help secure them to your face, it may be worth the trouble to stop by an optician's before your trip, as this may later prevent you losing a costly pair of shades.


An Extra Paddle

A spare paddle will always come in handy, especially for those that venture off on solo kayaking expeditions. Paddles have a tendency to snap or fall into the water and get carried away by the current, especially when the kayak flips over. If you're in a two-person paddle and only one of you loses a paddle, the both of you can manage, however, if you're paddling alone, this could become quite an issue. If you're fairly new to kayaking, consider going on excursions for beginners alongside trained instructors who will see to your safety. Such kayaking expeditions are run by luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi such as the Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara. In this case, you won't have to worry about matters like extra paddles yourself as the instructors will take care of everything for you and brief you accordingly.


A Spray Skirt

What's that, you ask? Don't worry, no one has to wear a skirt on their kayaking voyage. Well, no one except your kayak if you know what's good for you. The spray skirt on your kayak acts like a waterproof seal and makes sure that no water seeps into your kayak, even when you are jostled around. So make sure your kayak is outfitted with one so that you remain dry and your kayak remains buoyant.

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